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Hello, Bokeh

Getting an Alice in Wonderland point of view with my new camera lens (50mm, f1.8). It's like seeing a whole new world of wonder through a pair of magical goggles. Hello bokeh.

I hope you all having a wonderful weekend planned! Here in Northern California the weather is scheduled to be clear, sunny and warm. I plan on being poolside all weekend long!


  1. OMGosh what an amazing camera and what great photos!

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  3. That is a damn fine camera Amber. The level of detail is breathtaking. The colours are so rich... I need a glass of water...

    By the way, I am so glad that you too felt a sense of despair at the current generation not knowing that Titanic was a real disaster, not just a big expensive movie.

    Generation 1997, who were scientifically proven to be the smartest teenagers to have ever walked the God’s earth, would never have been as dumb as the current crop of idiots.

  4. Wow you really do have an amazing camera. :) These photos are so beautiful. I believe "magical" was the adjective I used in your previous Amber in Wonderland post a year ago (lol) and I do stand by it. You have a very ethreal quality about you, which is endearing.

    PS. I want your cat.

  5. I'm planning to but the boyfriend that lens for his birthday in May- can't wait, the bokeh looks great with your flower subjects!


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