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In the Luther Burbank Gardens // The Sequin Skirt [Outfit Video]

The Luther Burbank Gardens seem to continuously brim full of life, no matter the season. Roses may not always bloom, but the foliage, trees and waterfall keep me visiting all year round. I shot my Amberie Lookbook in the gardens (and I don't mean to brag, but you should check it out!).
As a lover of all things that bloom, the Burbank Gardens are a utopia for me. On hot summer days the entire area smells sweet of roses and peonies. I was even lucky enough to find a particular peony as big as my face. I kid you not - check the Facebook page!

I have been playing this song almost non-stop for the last week. I had downloaded in onto my iTunes, and didn't even know it! Such a pleasant surprise. I'm making good use of my new Coach sneakers, as you can see. I want to pair them with everything - even sequins.

 You may remember me mentioning that my family was in town last week visiting. This is a photo of my sister and my mother in the gardens with me. My aunt was there as well, but she - much like my boyfriend - is a ninja at avoiding being in front of the camera. I miss them all so much!

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