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Denim Week: The Levis Shorts

 Is there anything better than a great pair of denim shorts? Whether you love short shorts, mid-length, or Bermuda, you can never go wrong. No matter what your body shape is, or how you feel about your thighs, there is always a pair of jean shorts that are perfect for you and your body.
I personally prefer my shorts with a higher waist band, and a little longer in length. I like a thicker denim, with minimal detail. Yesterday a reader asked how I felt about acid wash and frayed detailing. Personally, I’ve seen both styled beautifully. I think both work very well in the summer months -something about them scream summer to me (perhaps because I am a child of the '80s). I do like them - on other people. I prefer my jeans to wear with age naturally. I want each little fade, rip, and stain to have a story: to hold a memory. We as a society tend to be impatient about what we want, but I believe there are some things that are worth the extra time; such as relationships, homemade bread, and worn in jeans. 

DIY Sunnies, earrings, and headband // vintage blouse bought in Berkeley // Levis shorts // Micheal Antonio shoes // Frida Kahlo bag bought in Mexico
Philosophical musings behind, these shorts have yet to develop the worn-in look that I so love.This is partly due to their dark wash: darker denim tends to hold its shape, color and fit, better than its lighter shade counterpart. Something about the resin in the coloring. The other reason why these shorts have held their shape so well is because they are Levis. Did you know that Levis denim has a different cotton weave than any other denim on the market? It’s what makes them stronger and last longer. Well worth the investment. 
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