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Would you, Could you?

Jeffrey Campbell
Whilst perusing the internets, I came across these. I sat for a moment debating. Lady Gaga meets Hellboy? Or perhaps hemorrhoids given an artistic depiction in footwear. Worse case of goosebumps ever? Like, the feet were so cold you got goose-iscles.
Am I missing something (much like this shoe is missing it's heel)?
Would wear these if you could?
Or better yet, do you own these?


Corie said...

of course I would wear them....without all of the spikes though. I already have a pair of heel less shoes and love them!



Terrance Demons said...

First came those sneaker wedges, now the big trend is the heel-less shoe. I agree with Corie - wear them at your leisure. To get the full Gaga appeal though, spam your hair with mousse (so that it stands on end) and let the good time roll :D

Meri said...

haha I had to read through the whole thing before I figured out they were SHOES, I couldn't tell what they were. Your description is cracking me up.

GirlRatesWorld.com said...

LOL...too funny!!!

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