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Fall Wishlist 2012

I always get so excited about fall: I day dream about misty foggy mornings, green grass covered in the morning dew, and the sweet smell of the ripened vineyards that I have come to love. The annual crush is coming up, and in October I will fall asleep to the low hum of the giant vineyard fans all month long. My birthday rings in the fall season. The pumpkin patch has already been planted, and I [secretly]have already starting to plan my Thanksgiving Dinner menu (which I make from scratch, all by myself every year).
I figure that if I have been obsessing over pieces that I can't wait to add to my closet for fall, you must be too! Below I share some of the items that have been on my mind the most. What are you excited for?
Fall Wishlist 1

Fall Wishlist 2

Fall Wishlist 2 by ambersmouthwash featuring vintage bags

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  1. I am right there with you when it comes to fall! Seriously, I could wrap myself up in it!
    I'm loving all the leather pieces, great post!

  2. As much as I hate admitting that Summer is almost over, I do love Fall and everything that comes with it. I love the rainbow of autumn leaves, the layers we get to wear, and yes...the crush!

    About my old blog...I honestly don't know what happened. My guess is that google wanted my phone number (and kept asking for it for "security purposes" quite frequently). I didn't want to give it up. Then one day I was kicked out of my blog and Gmail because of "suspicious activity" and guess what? I needed to give them my number in order to prove I wasn't guilty of whatever they claimed I did...which was nothing... I felt weird giving a company my number so I never did. Obviously, I had to now with my new account. :/

    Anyway, did you say...cupcakes? ;) Sign me up! Let me know whenever you want to meet up. I have a pretty loose schedule right now. ravenlocksblog@gmail.com

    Have a great Sunday, Amber!



  3. oh I love that black sweater/ blazer!


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