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a SRSLY Awesome Interview

Have you met the comedic genius that is Alex and Danielle of SRSLY yet?  Their hilarious and honest look at every day situations is so spot-on, that you'll start to wonder if they've been secretly spying on you. They cover everything from mean shopgirls and iPhone sobbery, to those pesky calls from your credit card company. If you aren't familiar with their video shorts yet, read this interview first, and then go watch every single one! Once you do, Tuesday will become your favorite day of the week!
SRSLY subway video
Danielle (left) and Alex (right) in "Subway"

How do you come up with the ideas for your scenarios? 
A: It's pretty organic. A lot of times we'll just pitch each other things that have happened to us or our friends, or subjects we want to write about and then sort of toss it back and forth until it sounds like a SRSLY. Sometimes we write for specific guest stars that we have in mind. 
 D: We generally ask ourselves two things: "is it relatable?" and "is it funny?"

When you ladies aren’t working on SRSLY, what else occupies your time? 

A: Well, we hang out A LOT. If we aren't writing, than odds are we're either seeing a movie, trying a new workout class, or eating out. We love trying new restaurants. When we aren't together we're probably sitting in our apartments g-chatting each other videos of puppies. Danielle bakes a lot. 
 D: I do bake a lot. I tried baking a Martha Stewart yellow butter cake with chocolate icing and the frosting was a total dud. Sometimes from a can is just better. 

What is the most unusual/exciting thing that has happened to the both of you since starting SRSLY?  
A: Whenever we get recognized, it's pretty thrilling! Also, I just read "How To Be A Woman" by Caitlin Moran, so it's been exciting how much more feminist I feel. Except Danielle, she was already super-feminist. 
D: Yeah, I got recognized in a Madewell, the one where we shot FITTING ROOM, which was a weird and awesome experience. Personally, since starting SRSLY I've been getting my eyebrows professionally tinted and shaped by a beauty guru named Jimena Garcia, and it's been life-changing.

"Going Out"
Do you have any blogger, comedian, director or actor who you are inspired by? 
A: Uh, how long can this interview be? We have so many. Obviously, Tina, Amy, and Kristen.  
D: We're both obsessed with Eugene Mirman and Todd Barry. We want to do a double date episode where they play our dates. Alex loooooooves Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass. She told them so at a screening of Sleepwalk With Me and then ran away. She's really embarrassed that I'm telling you about it.
Do you have any future plans for SRSLY? 
A: We're doing some Fashion Week videos for Glamour that will be really fun! Beyond that we're working on a pilot and some other web series ideas. 

Please finish these sentences:
The last time I laughed was _____________

A: When I read this question.
D: When my boyfriend showed me the gross pictures he took of me sleeping. I'm a monster!

My favorite thing from the 90’s is ____________ 

A: Shampoodle. It was a plastic dog, and you filled it up with shampoo so when you squeezed it, bubbles foamed out of it's head. No one believes me, but it was a real thing.  
D: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- my brothers were always the turtles and I got to be April O'Neill. We even had themed birthday parties. Also, it's technically from 1989, but the Tim Burton Batman movies are my favorite movies of all time. 
Name one food that is just too good to share:
 A: French Fries. My boyfriend knows he has to order his own. 
 D: Dessert in general because everyone has this scam, where they just get tea and think that they'll get to sneak a bite of my molten lava cake. Get your own dessert! Then we can share both! 

In my mind, I picture the two of you as best friends who stay up all night giggling and eating ice cream while watching Clueless. Am I close? 
A: Is Cher a virgin who can't drive?  

Have you gotten to collaborate with any fun fashion brands because of your videos? Do companies ask you to wear their clothes while filming? Who usually does the styling?  
A: We've guest blogged for Madewell, and hopefully will collaborate with them in the future. We've never been asked to wear anyone's clothes, so everything you see on the show is just out of our closets!  
D: A fun SRSLY easter egg hunt is to see how many times we can make a single blazer look different.

What is your favorite item in your closet right now?  
A: I bought my dream leather jacket in June and I'm dying to wear it. Unfortunately, if I wear it in this NYC heat, I will literally die.  
D: My new Tory Burch riding boots. I need it to be 50 degrees, now.  

My some of my favorite videos of yours are Streetstyle, Subway, and Shopgirl. Do you have a favorite, or do you love them all equally? 
A: Right now, I think my favorite is Credit Card. I laugh every time.  
D: I feel like Youth is pretty awesome, and I'm excited about the videos we're doing for Glamour, they're going to be incredible.  
Do you have any favorite blogs that you like to read?  
A: I'm always finding new blogs I love. These are always on heavy rotation: 
Tomboy Style 
Cup of Jo 
Wit  & Delight 
Into The Gloss 
The Coveteur 
Garance Dore 
Honestly WTF  
D: I love Oh No They Didn't, NyMag and Blogilates and Beaux Mondes. Also The Coveteur, gotta represent Toronto fashion lovers.

 So Alex, I’ve got to ask: which shade of polish did you end up choosing from Nails? 
 Hahaha, I don't remember! There were too many choices! My go-to color all summer has been RGB Too Red. 

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