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Presidential Debates: The Outfits

Last night, while watching the first of the Presidential Debates, I got to thinking: What if I created and styled outfits based upon their arguments? A fun and playful task for sure. I'm a little biased of course - but this was all done in good fun. I hope you enjoy!
Mitt Romney's outfit includes lots of fluff and pretty, shiny objects intended to attract and engage the observer. Each piece is fun on it's own, but together it just doesn't work. The fun playful shoes prove to be rather confusing: are they leopard print? Polka dot? Did the shoes just spend a relaxing vacation in Spain? If you're confused, just ask Big Bird: he's here to help. However better ask now because if Mitt gets his way, Big Bird and PBS won't be around for "Viewers Like You" (no more dollars from China).
Drive a Chevy, GMC or Cadillac? Thanks to a somewhat controversial bailout, the American car survives. Obama was big on math this debate, and he wants to make sure the numbers are getting punched correctly. While higher education such as college, med school and graduate studies are slowly becoming something that only the uber wealther can afford, Obama still wants the kiddies in school - reading big books, and creating more "green" businesses to boost the economy. A practical bag and a smart pair of shoes are the perfect fit for class.

Did you watch the presidential debates last night?


  1. Ha ha this is hilarious! I went to see Louis CK instead of watching the debates which was a much more entertaining alternative. This is a fun and refreshing take on something that makes me want to shoot myself in the face.

  2. What a fun idea for a political-themed post. Very creative.

  3. My kind of politics & how fantastic to mix it with politics ;-) I watched the debate & didnt feel the way the polls did *Obama rocks! but it was an off night for him. Love the outfit creations & poor PBS & Big bird ;-) those were my friends growing up, not ready to see them gone!

  4. I think you did a great job channeling the political spectrum into the outfits but my favorite? I Like big books and I cannot lie...awesome

  5. LOL!! This was such a good idea. I've thought of doing something with politics and fashion, but most of my ideas weren't as creative. I love that you pulled out pieces from each debate and made an outfit out of it. Are you planning on doing that for the remaining debates? That would be so awesome!


  6. This is such a fun and inspired post! I'm an Obama girl but I have to say I love the Romney inspirations, ha ha! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I am now your follower too and look forward to reading more!
    xxo.Brass Knuckles


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