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Time to Fess Up: Curl Confessions

Can we talk about curls for a minute? Lately there has been a "curl confessions" campaign swirling around the bloggersphere, and that's great. I'm all for embracing the natural curl: hurray curls! 

However, I have a bone to pick with the marketing director of Paul Mitchell. I have just one question to ask: Do you know what a curl looks like?

Here are some of the bloggers and the photos that they have posted with "Curl Confessions" in their blog title for the launch of this campaign:

 Saucy Glossy's Curl Confessions post 

 Song of Style Confessions post 

 This Time Tomorrow's Curl Confessions post - and in her post she admits that she doesn't even have curly hair.

 Eat Sleep Wear's Curl Confessions post 

 My Style Pill's Curl Confessions post

Are those curls?! Am I, a bonafide purist when it comes to curly hair supposed to believe that these women have any words of wisdom to impart to me - to anyone - with curly hair? I mean...Am I missing something? I don't know what baffles me more: the fact that a hair company thought "yeah, that's curly hair" when they selected their bloggers, or the fact that these bloggers honestly thought that they could say "hey look at my curly hair!" and that people would believe them...?

For me personally, this is almost insulting. It's marketing campaigns like these that cause women with naturally curly hair to have such a complex with their hair in the first place. I want to see this product advertised with someone who actually has curly hair - and by curly I don't mean waves, or curls that were produced by a curling iron.

I was able to find two bloggers who participated in this campaign, and they actually do have naturally curly hair:

 Claire of De Lune's Curl Confessions post

 Karen of Where Did U Get That's Curl Confessions post

Any thoughts?


  1. LOL!!!

    Oh my GOSH. I'm so very glad you did a post on this! I was going to mention something, but then I thought it would come across as catty. But you actually have curls, so that's much different. If the product is for curls then why are these curl-less bloggers talking about curls they don't have? The products don't even give them curls after they use it! Some bloggers did more than one post about it and it's funny because I can always tell when they've used the product... That's not a good thing.

    Great post. Super funny too :)



  2. I agree with ravenlocks, I think it's important to bloggers to remain true to themselves and their readers. Not jumping on every new fad that comes up. I don't have curls, I wish I did!

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  3. I am completely dumbfounded by this campaign. What the freaking hell was the marketing director thinking?!? Some of those girls don't even have naturally WAVY hair! They just brushed it to make it look not straightish. I don't blame you for being insulted. This is a joke. Especially since the tagline of the campaign is "a celebration of the relationship people have with their curly hair." So Paul Mitchell is helping curly-haired girls celebrate their curls by having straight-haired girls promote the product??? That's like having Giselle be the face of the "embrace your plus size figure" campaign or something.

    And yeah, some of these girls fessed up to the fact that they don't even have curly hair, which should be embarrassing for Paul Mitchell. So, basically, their marketing department just shipped a bunch of this stuff to any glossy fashion blogger with more than 1,000 followers and said "here's some curling shampoo! Promote our product!" Jesus.

    Oh, and the blogger from Eat, Sleep, Wear clearly has no idea what is going on: "Curly hair has always been a big part of my daily routine. I feel like when I was younger, I fought my curls and would straighten them every day. No one was able to show me the right way to style my waves. It wasn’t until I started playing around with my mom’s hair gels that I really started to embrace my natural waves."

    Waves...curls...what? Huh? Are they the same thing? Because I'm looking at her waves and your curls and someone isn't on the same page here.

    Anyway, I'm off to go write my next post about how hard it is being a blonde and how I'm going to start embracing my golden locks. Bye!

  4. Wow, as an ad campaign that's just ridiculous. It makes everyone lose credibility. Great job with this post!


  5. Love your posts! I love Aimee Song too! Her style is so eclectic! I'd love it if you can visit my blog and perhaps we can follow each other?

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  6. I didn't know about this campaign but it does sort of confuse me (as a curly girl). It's the same way I hate how magazines will give different haircut options for different hair types and you know the "curly" example they gave is someone whose hair was curled with a curling iron.

    As a curly girl with frizzy hair I've battled with for years, I wish there were more folks being honest about how to address hair issues. If any part of the hairstyle involved "blow drying your hair" or "using a curling iron to create loose curls" I know it's not speaking my language.

  7. hahaha- what? this is so funny. I have stick straight hair naturally, but can get my hair to look like a lot of those photos. While some of them are absolutely lovely styles, I would never consider that "curly hair." I do adore your curls!

  8. Thoughts indeed! It gets a bit annoying because I have natural hair, which is inherently curly--super tight curls to be exact. Yet, I'm sure I would have never been picked for this campaign because I don't have the "naturally curly" look that magazines believe are true curls. It's kinda foolish, so thanks for this post, Amber!

  9. I am way late to the party on this one, but I agree. People are so frustrating when it comes to curls. I used to straight-up tell friends in school that their hair was NOT curly. It was maddening, and they'd be all upset because it wasn't perfectly straight after blowdrying with a brush...? My hair is not quite as curly as yours, but it definitely qualifies as curly. I think curls need to at least have a spiral of some sort! :P

    I do have a friend whose curls are nearly curling-iron curl perfect naturally, but people that have that are few and far between. I think as long as people can realize what a curl actually looks like, we should be okay.


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