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Why Piperlime is on my Sh!t List

 Well lovelies, it seems that the online shopping gods are having a few laughs at my expense. Not long after my unfortunate orange feathered dress of shame experience, I purchased what I believed (and still do) to be the item of the season: a faux leather peplum top.

 When I saw it online I thought, how perfect! I imagined all the fun collared blouses I could layer underneath it, the cute colored jeans I could pair with it... Hell, I even had a 20% coupon!
 Destiny? Not so much. Destiny it would appear, was on back order. It was August 17th, and I decided that I could certainly be patient. I made the purchase. It said that my fabulous peplum top was due to ship out to me on the 20th of October.
When just 3 days later the funds were taken out of my account I rather naively thought that perhaps the top would be shipped out to me much earlier than expected. Not so - because 2 days later the funds went back into my account....only to then be taken out of my account just 5 days later. And then put back. And then taken out yet again... This debit and crediting (over 10 times) of my purchase went on for an entire MONTH - almost $100 just floating in and out of my account. Quite an inconvenience.
So imagine my surprise when on October 21st - the day after my top was supposed to be shipped, I didn't get a shipment confirmation: instead I got an e-mail saying that my item hadn't shipped, and wouldn't be shipped until November 16th. That's like...a whole 2 months after I ordered the damn thing! I certainly could not endure another month of having my account play the debt/credit game. When I called to complain, the customer service rep sounding rather bored and annoyed said (and I quote) "Well my advice to you next time would be to not order items that are on back order. It happens."

 She then offered me another 20% coupon. I told her to keep it. It had been my first time shopping with Piperlime, and I can safely say that it was certainly my last!


  1. Oh Amber, I'm so sorry, I can't believe that something like this has happened to you again, it's so frustrating! I feel like never wanting to order anyting online again after reading your experiences, it's terrible :)

  2. Ummmmm WTF.

    I can't even comprehend the taking money in and out of your account part. I'm still fixated on how RUDE that crazy customer service rep was to you on the phone. She might as well have said "well, next time don't purchase anything from Piperline. It happens." Way to represent your company, crazy beyotch! :S

  3. OK, so this was definitely a terrible situation. I've never heard of any company debiting and crediting an account over and over again. If you paid thru PayPal, you could have called them and told them and I'm pretty sure PayPal would not have allowed Piperlime to play the debit/credit game with you, especially since companies are not supposed to even take any money out of your account until an item ships.

    I don't think this is something that happens often, so I hope you're still into online shopping, but I can see how this has tainted your Piperlime experience.

    As far as the customer service rep goes, they just have terrible jobs. They usually get blamed and attitude for everything (I find myself being overly stern with them all the time), and they have no power over the rules. The best bet is to ask to speak to a supervisor. That worked for me on more than one occasion--better results than a 20% discount too.

  4. Wow! That's insane! I'm glad that I didn't order booties from them that were on backorder. I very nearly did!

  5. Aww....Amber, I'm so sorry! That sounds terrible. I've never purchased anything from Piperlime and now I most definitely will NOT! What is up with these online people?? I am guessing you'll get a big break soon :) Too much bad luck eventually leads to good luck. That's how I like to look at things, anyway. It's not like YOU were at fault in either of these situations.

    PS. One of my BIGGEST pet peves is when customer service reps are rude. Why work at a job dealing with people when you hate people? I don't get it.



  6. I forgot to tell you...

    If you still want a faux leather peplum top, they have one at Urban Outfitters. I saw it online about a week ago!

    Ok, bye again :)

  7. Gosh Amber, this is like the third set-back in the last three months.

    Fret not. It can only get better.

  8. what a bunch of crap. if they would just be honest in the first place...

  9. I'm sure that this tide of ill luck will run its course soon enough. Don't take it too hard. But, I totally understand your frustration with the online shopping experience.

    It will get better!

  10. Hi Amber,

    We are so sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with us. We would love the chance to look into your situation and make it up to you. Can you email your order # to piperlime@gap.com? We will look into your situation right away! Our apologies, again.

    -Team Piperlime


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