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...And that is why.

This weekend I stayed up much too late, woke up much too early, helped a friend move, cried several hormonal tears, ate chocolate chip cookies (and a peanut butter cup that I had stashed in my underwear drawer), ate the best Thai food ever, almost got the Ebola virus, made bread in my new bread machine, bought Christmas gifts (all done!) watched War of the Worlds (feared for my life: I mean, would I be quick enough on my feet to survive?), went on a hike, found a British canned food named after male genitalia (took photo), taught my cat to use the toilet (work in progress), stayed off the internet completely, completely finished a bowl of Pho, and contemplated a guinea pig's nose.
And that is why I don't have a blog post for you today.


  1. Ha! And for not having a blog-post, you make us laugh.

    (I had to click on the photo-link...)

  2. Even when you have nothing you're still awesome.


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