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Nike Free

 My lack of December posting would give way to the reasoning that my life has been under some sort of abnormal upheaval. That reasoning would be correct.

F21 jeweled collar blouse // H&M sweater 9old) // Uniqlo pants // Nike Free Fit 2 trainers
However it is photos like these that help remind me why I love blogging so much; I have been hunting for Nike's just like these for what feels like ages. I squealed so loud when I saw them that the sales gentleman simply asked "what size?". These photo completely represent my sentiments for finally owning them!
Happy New Year loves!


  1. They look so comfortable and I love the color :))) Happy New Year to you too dear, I wish you all the best!!


  2. Hmm, remember when I told you about those funky green retro '70s Adidas trainers (sneakers) and you advised me against purchasing them on account of it not being suitable for the gym? Well, I think you've not stuck by your advice.

    Happy New Christmas, Amber!

  3. these shots are so cute! Love the nikes- that pink is perfect.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Amber, did you end up buying a copy of Simply Red's "Stars?" I had a niggling feeling that Groveshark may not allow access to its songs in non-UK territories, but I figured Americans could listen to it on Spotify for free. I kind of have a policy of not trying to make money through blogging via referrals or advertising, only because I fear I'll be constantly trying to flag up things that will generate cash money. I'm a lousy entrepreneur, hence why I'm not wealthy enough.

    I never did buy those Adidas trainers. You're right, I did want to work out in them and they wouldn't have been appropriate for such a thing. I have a pair of Converse footwear which I suppose fulfil style requisites, but those green Adidas '70s trainers were like something Sean Penn's character would've worn in "Carlito's Way," they were that cool. The moment has now passed and my heart is no longer attached to buying them.

    You're going to wear those Nikes with dresses? I once sported a pair of fantastic black Japanese Tsubo trainers with a suit for my sister's wedding reception. (This was like 10 years ago.) It was a daring fashion statement but I carried it off with aplomb and made us look like a cooler family than what we actually are. It's amazing how one can get away with silly things when you're young.

  5. Ummm how are you able to take such cool jumping pictures! I look cray cray when I do that.


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