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I am who I am In Nike and Polka Dots

This video was a labor of love. With over 10 hours in editing time, this is the most editing I have done for any outfit video, ever. I'm quite proud! This video is in celebration of one of my favorite songs, and new Nike's. I really hope you enjoy!! Also, please don't forget to give me a "heart"!

PS say green frog if you understood today's title!


  1. Love your sunglasses, you're so funny in here :)))


  2. Gosh, Amber. Those pink Nikes are certainly justifying their cost. They seem to be inspiring you in unprecedented ways. If only you had supported my purchasing of those retro green Adidas trainers then perhaps I too could have produced a cute little vignette to honour them. Oh well. You live and you learn.

    I looked through some previous posts and sense you're not in top spirits. Fret ye not Amber, I hadn't abandoned your blog, merely taken a week away from technology to reconnect with the real world. No need to be glum, for I'm back and the fun and games can continue as were.

    I think the best remedy for what ails you is a new pair of Adidas sneakers, preferably green in colour and vintage in appearance. Such a purchase will enhance your life in ways you can't imagine.

  3. Nice job- this is really neat! Makes me want to get up and dance, and I love the energy :)

  4. Well, this is a departure! Lots of fun, I love the energy. You've really developed a knack for making videos 'Ber, I'm impressed!

  5. PS: I've been racking my brain about the title but alas, you won't get a green frog from me today. :)


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