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The Tigress

 Introducing the newest addition to my closet: the tiger. He's the sweater I never knew I was missing, but am so happy to have.

Wearing: Asos scalloped collar blouse (this one would work too) // Rehab sweater // Gap sexy boyfriend jeans // Coach bag // Jason Wu shoes
 I am currently in the (very painful) process of breaking in my new, and beautiful (...PIA) Jason Wu brogues. It's an ordeal that I have to go through with every new pair of shoes I bring home. I wish there was some way to avoid the pain, but I know of no other option.
 However they are so beautiful and so perfectly divine, I find myself forgiving their abusive ways whenever I glance down at my feet. Being as beautiful as they are, I am quickly learning that they are a high maintenance shoe. These are cream, patent leather shoes with a black rubber lined heel. I am constantly aware of where I place my feet when I walk (to avoid scuffing), and dogs, cats, etc aren't allowed anywhere near me when I'm wearing them (scratches!).
My knee is finally starting to heal, and I'm no longer walking with a limp, and I know with time that my Jason Wu's will be broken in. Now if only I hadn't decided try out acrylic nails - within the same 48 hours that I busted my knee and started breaking in the shoes!! It's been a very painful last couple of days!


  1. Such a cute sweater! Love your crouching tiger pose in the fourth photo. You're fierce!

  2. I will go on a limb and state that I reckon you and I are the only two people in the world that can wear that jumper with aplomb, Amber. Others would look awkward, but we would look like we belong in the world’s coolest band because both of us can make kid fashion look totally fitting and fantastic. We’d look grand, albeit, it must sound scary that I’d be contemplate donning women’s knitwear. Hey, this is the modern age. Anything goes.

    Me? On Twitter? On Facebook? On Instagram ? I’ve never even heard of the last one, but, alas, I am on none of them. In fact, I’m so behind the times that I had to Google the meaning of “whitisims.” Nope, I never did embrace social networking since having a Myspace page way back in the day and having people contact me who I’d nothing in common with since outgrowing Pokémon . Nowadays all you get is an anonymous blog from me.

    Hey, I like the thought of you using Jagwar Ma’s song in an outfit video montage. Remember to credit me as your music supervisor.

  3. Ahh we women do go through a lot of pain for our fashion? You look lovely though and I hope you are feeling as bold as the sweater!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. I love that sweater!! And those shoes. Rian is a grad student over at MU (University of Missouri) and their mascot is the tiger. So I'm really into tigers right now to show my school spirit, hahaha! I own WAY more MU gear than poor Ri!

  5. The coolest sweater ever!! I love the colour too!

  6. Awesome jumper!!!!! And can I just say you have such very gorgeous hair. I'm sure you hear it all the time! :) X

  7. As soon as this post went live, I was meaning to leave a comment. In any case, I have to give you props on this whole ensemble. The tiger looks pretty happy in his new home :D


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