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Here Kitty, Kitty!

Another Texan purchase - this one made at the 11th hour in downtown Fort Worth. While trying to decide whether or not I should purchase my kimono-like layering piece, I made quite the whimsical discovery: what I had first thought to be flowers, happened to be a pattern of cat faces!

Audrey 3+1 dress // Umgee Kimono // Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges // And my ever present hair tie...


  1. Oh I love your kimono, the colors are beautiful and you wear it so well :)))

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the colour. The print is perfect, I buy anything I can find with kity cat faces. That must have been such an exciting discovery.

  3. You are so photogenic. With the pretty colors and prints here, these look like magazine pictures.

  4. Those Gap wedges are awesome. The entire outfit was perfectly styled. After I finally found the cat faces on the kimono, I couldn't get enough of them! Great purchase.

    Oh to Be a Muse
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  5. Crikey, those subliminal feline sartorial patterns actually courted the attentions of an actual cat, and a big ginger Texan one at that!

    As I've been typing this comment a scrawny black cat has just strolled in front of my window. Seriously. Your garment is an act of transatlantic sorcery, Amber.

  6. OMG YES CATS. I'll wear anything with cats. So pretty!


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