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Spring Patterns

 California weather has been across the board this week. What better excuse to start playing with spring layers? Over the weekend I purchased this new cat blouse from Gap, along with this fun printed scarf. It matches everything in my closet. Fun fact? I was (and still am) battling a rather severe head cold while taking these photos. I can barely breathe.

Silk asymmetrical shell: Solemio // cat blouse (a direct inspiration of this designer blouse) and skinny jeans (my they RIP): Gap // scarf: Nordstrom // jacket (similar designer version) and purse: Forever 21 // boots: Ugg
 It was a bittersweet weekend for me. The highlights were sushi with a friend, shopping, and finding this blouse on the sale rack, with an additional 30% off (I had been wanting it for some time - I have a thing for cat prints!). I also got a big promotion at work last week, and I am now the manager the most darling boutique in my downtown! I am elated. In less than two years I have gone from a new hire, to manager. I'm very proud of myself!

The low points of this weekend were the insane head cold plus allergies I have come down with. My body is putting up quite an honorable fight, however I still feel like I have an elephant seated on my shoulders. Also, the skinnies I am wearing here died this weekend. It started with a small rip in the inner seam, and right after taking these photos, they gave up the spirit. For 3 years these were my go-to jean, and they will be sorely missed. I tried to purchase a replacement pair at Gap over the weekend...Imagine my despair to discover that their denim has changed! These jeans (the exact same wash and cut) are now a jegging. Not my taste. I don't like it when denim as a whole lot of stretch (no more than 1% please!), and now the "new" version of this jean as 2%.

Other than that, I spent the weekend filling up on clear fluids and trying to get as much rest as possible. 
Happy Monday!


  1. Cat blouse?! Wow. And congrats on the promotion. You're going places, buddy!

  2. Adore the bag & scarf <3

    Jen of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥

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  3. You are amazing and I love you. I hope you feel better asap. It makes me sad to know you're so miserable. Ugh. xoxo

  4. You are amazing and I love you. I hope you feel better asap. It makes me sad to know you're so miserable. Ugh. xoxo

  5. I love your cat print shirt....and looovvvee that Forever 21 purse...
    Congrats on the promotion :D :D
    And I hope you get well and bouncy at the earliest...positive vibes sent your way <3

  6. I remember reading about your promotion...congrats on that! And I love the cat shirt and you bringing out your B.A.P.S. see-through purse. :)

    Sorry about the head cold and the ripped jeans. I have a fave pair of jeans that I wear all the time and I would hate if I had to replace them. But I must say, you look pretty good for a sick girl.

  7. I loved your style. that scarf and blouse is fab! I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

  8. love your curls and that scarf!!

  9. Hmm I am really diggin the pattern on your new scarf- the gap, you say? I might have to do a little retail damage haha

  10. Yay, for the promotion!!! love the outfit you look very lovely!!!

    Delightful Ideas

  11. I love your curly hair!
    I love your transparent bag!
    I love the shoes, so elegant :)
    well, that's perfect darling!


  12. Wow I love the cat shirt. I wish there were more items around with prints of cats. It is so sweet and adorable. Thanks for your comment, I'm happy that my top reminded you of Sailor Moon because I was a huge fan!

  13. Beautiful!!! love your scarf!

  14. thanks for commenting on my music post! I actually have not listened to the entire album of AWOLNATION yet. I knew it would be interesting! I'm gonna check it out real soon ;)

    love the pastel colors of your outfit! and congrats on the promotion!! I'm so jealous :)

    hope you get better soon! add a little bit of lemon juice to your drinking water :)


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