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In the Kitchen: Belizean Rice and Beans

In February '12, Fermin and I traveled to Ambergris, Belize. One of my staple foods while island hopping was ever present Belizean rice and beans dish (and as a vegetarian, not to be confused with "beans and rice"!). I couldn't get enough! What makes this dish unique is that coconut milk is used, giving it a sweet buttery taste that tastes both tropical and light at the same time. Throw some Marie Sharp's habanero sauce on top, and wash it down with an ice cold Belikin beer, and you've got yourself one hell of an authentic Belizean meal!

For this recipe, the ingredients are quite simple: red beans, coconut milk (unsweetened), rice (I used a wild brown rice mixture), onions, and salt to taste. 
Since I am a self confessed free spirit in the kitchen, I'll spare you my chaotic style of measurements (..."yeah, that looks like a good amount!"): When I was first looking for a recipe, I used this one, and then later adapted it. What I now do is I cook the beans first (tip: soak the beans over night, throw out the water, cover with fresh water and then cook!), then add uncooked rice, replacing the usual water with coconut milk. Cook until the rice is tender, and then serve! Super easy. Everyone will believe that you slaved away in the kitchen for hours.

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