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Product Review: Ah Shayh

 I am a huge supporter of small local businesses here in Sonoma County, so when Ocean of skin care company Ah Shayh invited me to try some of his company's products, I was excited!

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet and sat down with Ocean. Together we spoke about Ah Shayh, and I learned about the company's start and mission: and what I learned really impressed me. Ah Shayh products use three main ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. The ingredients are sustainably sourced from villages in Ghana, and they even offer a mirco loaning program to the women in the village. Ah Shayh also works with it's local community here in Sonoma County by incorporating local ingredients such as Sonoma grape-seed oil.
Ocean featuring his product in Whole Foods (photo courtesy of Ah Shayh)

(photo courtesy of Ah Shayh)
So how do the products feel? I was given samples of the East African Shea Nilotica, West African Shea, Whipped Shea with Sonoma Grape-seed oil, and Cocoa-Shea butters. My favorite by far was the West African shea butter: it grows in the desert, far from water sources and is extra thick and creamy as a result. Interestingly, the East African Shea Nilotica which grows right along the Nile, is lighter in texture! (More moisture, so less need to moisturize.) All products absorbed into the skin quickly, and left my skin feeling incredibly soft: even the boyfriend gave his stamp of approval. My skin stayed soft an supple all day, with the light scent of cocoa or shea lingering as well. All Ah Shayh ingredients are 100% natural. Full size products start below $10! I highly recommend that you give these products a try: I bet you'll love them! They can be found at Whole Foods, or you can order from their online store, here

What do you think? Will you give Ah Shayh products a try?

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