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21 Questions

 Yesterday evening while taking outfit photos, I had a rather aggravating encounter. For those of my readers who are also style bloggers (or any blogger that requires taking photos in public), I am sure you have had a similar experience at one time or another: curious passerby. For today’s shoot I had three.

Blazer: Bar III // Blouse: Olive & Oak // Pants: Uniqlo // Heels: c/o Wild Doll (Save 5% on any order with this code: U0PQBW Just for my readers!) // Sunglasses: F21
Usually my photo shoots go a little something like this: beg the boyfriend for assistance. If that doesn’t work, I grab my well loved tripod and remote and go about my business. 9 times out of 10, I will attract at least one inquisitive person: they will usually stand outside their house and pretend to occupy themselves with whatever task they can imagine, shout something as they drive by, or try and get their pet to pose in my photos. I’ve learned to roll with the punches. However it was today’s first encounter left me with mixed feelings.  

While quietly taking my photos I was approached by a man. Before speaking, he simply stood about ten feet away, facing me, in the pathway of my camera (which I had turned off. Something I always do when people pass by), staring. Like, hard. “Trying to get the perfect sunset shot?” He asked. “Yup!” I responded. (I usually agree with whatever they guess, as it allows for less explaining.) My answer didn’t satisfy. “I haven’t seen you around here. Do you live in this neighborhood - Is this your neighborhood?” Yes, it is. “Oh really? Interesting. Because I’m out here all the time.” He interrupted. “I’m out here all the time and I haven’t seen you.” I raised my eyebrows. “So uh, this is the perfect time for sunset shots, huh?” Yes...The sun was setting after all. “Actually,” I began “I’m also taking photos for my blog. I’m a style blogger, and I take photos of my outfits and then post the photos to my blog. Yes, this is the perfect light right now.” “Oh?” He responded. “So what times are usually the best? Specially.” I gave a time frame. “What’s the name of your blog? Mouthwash? That doesn’t sound like fashion at all...” After which the conversation took a rather irritating turn to the contemplation of Tom’s toothpaste and the use of saccharin sugars in dental hygiene.

I understand that cameras make others uncomfortable. As someone who has always been somewhat of a ham for the lens, I personally don’t understand the cause of the discomfort...But I can sympathize. What I don’t fully understand however, is that in this age of camera phones, “selfies”, Instagram, and the problem of over-sharing in general, how does a woman with a tripod with the camera clearly focused on her, manage to make one so uneasy? Even more so, if a camera is pointed away from all passerby, children, pets, cars, homes, and is on public property, is there any cause to be hostile? Did he really think I was openly scouting out his neighborhood?
So I did what any self respecting blogger would do: I told him to Google me.

Thankfully, the two others who approached were polite, curious teenagers. When I told them about the blog, one asked “Oh cool - do you know the name of the blog?”. 

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  1. Oh thank God no one still approached me in that way. Those situations are one of the reasons why I hate being alone with a tripod and a camera, people are always so curious or mean and I don't like being approached by a stranger who asks way too many questions.
    But you handled it well :))

    And, love the outfit, yellow looks so good on you :D

  2. I'm not going to lie, that would have creeped me out to no end. I would be afraid he was going to stalk me or something, with his questions. He probably didn't mean to, but still I can see why that was unpleasant.

    Your photos still came out lovely. :D

  3. I'm sorry you had to experience this. Whenever we venture out into public space and do anything to attract attention, nuts come out and occasionally they bother us. The guy was rude and invasive. He had no justification for questioning you or making you feel uncomfortable.

    Because of my particular situation, I'm extra-careful to avoid onlookers when I take pictures outdoors. Yet, it still happens. So I sympathize.

  4. Oh, I forgot to say that these photos are beautiful. Both the clothes and the pictures themselves.

  5. ...and that's why I usually hide in the vineyards when I take my pics. LOL! I get so uncomfortable when people watch me.

    I've got to tell you... you always look comfortable and perfectly at ease in your pictures. I wouldn't have ever guessed that you were approached by some creeper.

    PS. I love your lipstick color! Cute outfit, too :)

    xo Azu

  6. Oh yikes... I don't feel comfortable sharing my information with men who stare at me. You're brave! =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. I totally understand that situation. I get so uncomfortable about taking photos, even the slightest glances from a random makes me uneasy...totally love your outfit as always. I adore your pants and the gorgeous yellow blazer and amazing sunglasses.

  8. Ooooooooh Amber I love this look!!! The shoes I wasnt sold on when I saw the pix on insta/fb "cant remeber which one" but I love the way you styled them!!! The color of the blazer!


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