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 I once swore that I would never straighten my hair again. But as you can see, I wholly recant. 

In the past I have avoided straightening my hair for several reasons: one of my main reasons is because of the way I feel society tends to treat curly hair. Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker is infamous for having said that men prefer non-curly haired women, and when make-over shows host curly heads, they often straighten out the curls. Curls in the media are often treated as something that we must learn to "manage" and "deal" with, rather than celebrate. 
I once ranted about Paul Mitchel's "Curl Confessions" campaign . And, my tumblr is full of pro curly-thoughts. I honestly believe that curls, or our natural hair in general, is something to be celebrated. "Frizz" and curly hair are not synonymous. Neither is natural hair and frustration. Sometimes I feel by straightening my hair I am somehow agreeing with the misconception that my hair is difficult to style, or maintain. It's not. 

The other reason I avoid straightening my hair is perhaps more obvious: it's damaging. The high heat isn't great for my already fine-textured hair, and it can often look dry and brittle when straight. I received some amazing products to try from DermOrganic, and they really made a difference in the way my hair responded to heat. For the last couple of years I have only used 2 products on my hair. Not two brands - but just two products! However the DermOrganic products have made such a difference, I now have added a few more to my hair care regimen. Be sure to keep an eye out for my review next week!

With all that said, I absolutely loved having a different look these last couple of days. I found that some people took a couple extra seconds to recognize me, and it was fun to see my hair with a different texture. I never realized how shiny it was! However, I love my natural curls. It's been a long journey learning to love what I've got naturally, and I'm not looking to change any of that. 

The irony to all of this: I straightened my hair, only to curl it!
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