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A Mused in Paris

My posting schedule is way off - I am already in Paris! I don't plan on updating the blog while I am here, but I will be updating the Facebook page, and my Instgram. I do have past posts that I planned on posting while here, but...Honestly I'm too happy to think that far into the future right now. The idea was to come here to Paris to disconnect from all the troubles that life has currently thrown my way. Already, I am so excited! Our flat is trop mignon and much larger than expected!
So stay in touch with me via Instagram (and follow along with #amusedinparis) and Facebook! See you there!
Maintenant, I'm off to breakfast!


  1. Have an awesome time Amber! You needed this! Connected with you on instagram.


  2. Been following your updates on FB. Glad you are having a great time in Paris!

  3. Wow, you're in Europe? You're like practically an hour away. You ought to have popped by for a cup of tea and a quick game of quidditch. (Ain't life so much more exciting in this continent, Amber? There's a reason why Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix relocated here to live out the last few years of their youth.)

    I hope you have a safe and totally fabulous time. Your comment that $1 million isn't enough to offer a "lifetime of security" made me laugh. I reckon you can potentially generate $250 a day in interest if you invest that much money in a correct account, which makes me think that $1 milli will be suffice to keep you in the sophisticated, continental lifestyle you are now accustomed to.

    Je vous souhaite bonne chance, Madame! (I love Google translate.)

  4. My dear Movie Man! Yes, I was so close - now I am home, sadly. Life is much more exciting in Europe - much more rain as well. I try to visit Jim Morrison's grave when I do visit Paris. Seems his spirit is alive and well.

    If you know of an account that can steadily bring about a 9%(!!) return upon a million dollar investment, please do share your sources!! I'm no millionaire, but what I do have I am willing to invest! Those are some major Wolf On Wall Street investment numbers, earning $91,000.00+ a year on interest alone. The accounts that yield the highest interest rates are also the most risky, so if you indeed were able to earn 9%, you could also lose 12%. At the very best, one could hope to earn $30,000.00 a year with today's interest rates.

    On my next trip to Paris, I'll be sure to stop by to have tea! (and lemon curd!)


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