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A DIY Valentine

If you've been searching for that perfect card for your special someone this year, why not make it? Earlier this week I invited a friend over and together we got out my watercolors, and got creative! I love our results. (And I'm going to work very hard at keeping a certain someone off the internet until tomorrow!) 

Throw in a delicious box of dark chocolates, or Nutella glazed pancakes, you've got yourself a gift!


  1. This is so beyond my comfort zone, Amber. I'm too much of a burly bloke for this stuff, but it is pretty and thoughtful. Sorry.

  2. So pretty Amber, Happy Valentines :)


  3. nice DiY


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  4. This literally made me laugh out loud.

  5. So beautiful! I love the personal touch and creativity :)

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  6. You drew all of that? I love it! We're being very nontraditional this VDay, which I really like actually.

  7. Amber, those are the best gifts! They come from the heart! I love the heart card and also the one with the balloons and lady. SO CUTE! You ladies are so talented. Great job!

  8. Oh my this is just the cutest ever. I would destroy this, it would be stick figures.


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