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A Mused in Paris [Video]

It seems that no matter how many times I visit France no stay is ever long enough. I chose this song (Angels by The Xx) because it fits my sentiments exactly: 
"And the end comes too soon
Like dreaming of angels
And leaving without them
 I am one of the lucky ones, I think. To have found something that I am so unwaveringly passionate about. Optimism can hurt but I think it's something that also keeps us youthful and alive.


  1. I LOVED everything about this! Angels is such an amazing song and good fit.

  2. This video was brilliant Amber! HaHa I love when you were on the escalator. You are so funny. Tell your boyfriend that is the biggest ass jar of Nutella I've ever seen. You looked so happy over there! I could see you living there. You just never know. I wish you many more trips there. Hey, thanks for the link. Will definitely check your post out. LOVED the eiffel tower clip at night. I did not know it had shimmery lights like that. So beautiful. Loved this!


  3. I'm so happy you enjoyed the video Kim!! And wasn't that jar HUGE? I would love to live in Paris. Like you said, maybe one day. You never know!

  4. Hi Amber, you just left a comment on my news site, so I checked out yours. I love the passion behind this blog, which is evident. Here's to praying it serves you and your dreams all the way to the end! --C. Zawadi Morris, Publisher, The Brooklyn Reader

  5. Oh yeah, and that video was dope!!!


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