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Koa Wood Ring

 This beautiful Koa wood ring is so unique - it's unlike anything I've seen before! Set in titanium, I'm pretty sure it will last a lifetime. Having grown up in Hawai'i, I'm always excited to carry a little bit of home with me. This ring made in Hawai'i, even has the Hawaiian Island chain etched into the inside of the band. I love it! Thank you kindly to the people of Altin Place (a custom bridal, and designer watch/jewelry site) for this beautiful ring!

  Have you ever seen anything quite like it? It's so lovely to see the wood grain against the smooth metal. My ring arrived via UPS and came with a tracking number. It come with it's own black velvet box for safe keeping, and it is recommended to not bathe, or wash the dishes while wearing it. It goes with everything! It can easily be dressed up or down, and I love that it is handcrafted in the Hawaiian Islands.

One things I love to do with statement rings like this is to pair it with several other delicate rings. As you can see in my "cuppa tea" photo, I've stacked several other thin, dainty rings with it. They compliment the ring quite nicely, don't you think? Fun fact: in the Hawaiian language, koa also means brave, bold, fearless, or warrior. So combine that with titanium which is as strong as some steels and highly corrosion resistant, you've got a winning combination!

 My koa wood ring is also Eco-friendly, and comes with a lifetime guarantee! Seriously the best deal for the level of quality. To see this Koa Wood ring, and several others (one even comes with a diamond!), click here!


  1. It's so beautiful! And it suits you perfectly :)

  2. That is a gorgeous ring, and looks great on you. Such a lovely gift!

  3. Eco-friendly jewelry...that is awesome. I like it, because it's unique AND pretty. that cuppa tea photo of you is GORGEOUS Amber! You're so pretty. You rock!


  4. I have one of those too! Well, actually I gave it to the hubs and he loves it. That's a beautiful photo of you at the top!

  5. What a fabulous ring. I love wood -- it's so natural and appealing.

  6. what an elegant ring - I love having fun with layering them!


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