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Perlier Honey Royal Gold Elixir [Skincare]

From a very young age I have been excited about skincare. It's pretty safe to say that my interest in skin creams, magical potions, and over night wonders has carried into adulthood. Lucky for me I no longer believe in overnight sensations when it comes to my skin. Products simply don't work like that! With that being said, I have to tell you: this Perlier Honey Royal Gold Elixir deserves a spot on your bathroom counter.
The first ingredient of the Honey Royal Gold Elixir (say that 10x!) is rose water, which gives the product a faint mild scent (which quickly fades, which I don't mind). Rose water is a great moisturizer, and I love that it is the first item on the list. Organic Italian honey is 6th on the list, which I'm guessing is a good thing seeing as I don't want a sticky face.

No makeup for the photo: just me and the elixir! And the camera. And you.
The product itself goes on velvety smooth and is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and radiant (thank you mica particles!). I find that two pumps usually cover my entire face and neck; it layers under makeup beautifully. My face tends to be on the drier side of things so using this moisturizer alone isn't quite enough for me. I found that using this under my usual cream (for the day) or under my beauty oil (at night) worked really well. This elixir plays well with other products - always a bonus! The mica particles give the skin a golden glow, but nothing resembling a disco ball...Think more of a healthy glow that will lead others to believe that you really know how to hydrate your skin. Score. Overall I found this to be a great boost to my already solid skincare routine. I look forward to putting this on - which is always a good sign!

So how much is the product? It comes at a royal price of $99 for 1.6fl oz. However, HSN has given me a heads up that they will be featuring Perlier Honey Royal Gold Elixir as a special on the 28th and 29th of this month. The feature times are:
April 28th: 6am East / 3am Pacific & 11pm East / 8pm Pacific 
April 29th: 10am East / 7am Pacific , 3pm East / 12pm Pacific, 7pm East / 4pm Pacific 

What do you think?
Be sure to tune in and catch the special!

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