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Anthropologie Picks

Thanks for the shoutout, Anthropologie!
Monday afternoon came with a bit of excitement when I discovered that Anthropologie had reposted a Instagram photo of mine onto their account! My boyfriend and I had snapped a photo of my outfit while out shopping last Saturday, before seeing Godzilla. I absolutely adore this top (it's been on the blog three times now!), and I absolutely adore Anthropologie. So in honor of my little shoutout I thought it would be fun if I shared styling tips for the top, a funny story about the history that Anthro and I share, as well as my current shop favorites. Enjoy!

Anthropologie Dahlia Peplum Top styling ideas

I've worn my Dalia top with boyfriend jeans (in my Instagram photo), with colored jeans, and with capris. So far I'd say my favorite pairing has been with the boyfriend jeans. I love how feminine the top is - and when worn with a looser cut of jean, it becomes playful and cool. Of course one of the great things about this top is that it can also be dressed up with a pair of heels. Its fabric has a great weight to it, making it a perfect option for more formal outings too. Just...a little heads up: the sizing is just a little funky. I would advise trying it on in the store. Better get to it soon though, it's now on sale!

My funny story
Growing up I've always been somewhat frugal. Which isn't to say that I didn't shop! Rather, I would save up all my pennies for a "big" ticket item, rather that buy several cheaper items. "Big" items over the years have always increased or decreased with my current living/working situations. For example, before college I worked several jobs to make ends meet, and a big ticket item would have been a $19.99 pair of shoes. Fast forward to my 2nd year of college, to when I had a credit card. My shopping habits were getting out of control. I used to call my mother after the arrival of every Anthropologie catalog and say "Mom, I'm going to need a summer job!". Then, a few months later I would call again and say "Mom, I'm going to need two summer jobs!". Well, two jobs became three. Soon enough the school year was over, and being in Honors, that summer was the time that my class and I were all scheduled for a class abroad...in Paris! I was absolutely delighted. Until that is, I discovered that I didn't have enough credit on my card to purchase a ticket! Here I was scheduled to leave for Paris, the City of Lights, but I didn't have enough money to actually get myself there. Want to know why? Well, I had just purchased three absolutely gorgeous items from Anthropoloie. None of them on sale. When I had purchased them I didn't want my mother (who was with) me to know. The sales associate was awesome enough to play along and quietly swiped my card while we pretended to "catch up" with each other at the counter. Needless to say the items went back, and I spent a summer in Paris that I will never forget! Also, I got those summer jobs and paid off the card in full before the beginning of the next school year. Whew! Lesson learned.

One of my favorite things about Anthropologie is that they are so much more than a clothing store. They have quirky dinnerware (beetles on plates!), velvet couches, cell phone cases inspired by famous artists, and doorknobs that you're likely to obsess over (which I do). That's the beauty of Anthro; you're bound to find something that you love. So in the spirit of the store being so much more than a place to find some cute (and unique) threads, I thought I would share my current favorites of non clothing items. Let me know what you think!

Anthropologie favorites

Ps - this was not a sponsored post! I just really love Anthropologie.
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