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A•Mused Blog goes to Massage Envy Spa

So have I told you about how I'm trying to be my new best friend? I've been crazy stressed lately. It's more like the "ohmygod I have nothing to do, it can only mean that I'm forgetting something" kind of stressed. You know what I mean. It's the kind of stress where you don't know where the week went, it's Friday and you could have sworn it was still Monday, and you arrive to work and realize that your fully conciencious effort of making coffee at home was left...well, at home. 

Being my new BFF and all, I decided to plan ahead and schedule myself a 2-hour stress relief session at the Massage Envy Spa of Santa Rosa. Of course being somewhat new to the whole alleviation of stress thing, I scheduled my appointment for 9am on a Sunday morning. Ha!

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I arrived the requested 15 minutes before my appointment, and was promptly provided a warm, lavender AromaTherapy neck pillow. In the quiet seating area there were water and tea available. I was excited, and I was sleepy. I had two therapeutic sessions ahead: first a 1-hour deep tissue massage, followed by a 1-hour Anti-Aging Regular Facial (all Murad products!). The massage table was warmed up, ready for me to slip under the covers. Words cannot express how freaking excited I was.

 My massage therapist asked about any previous injuries, where I would like her to focus on, and shared with me that she specialized in sports massage (score!). The massage therapy salve that she used smelled incredible. It left my skin feeling irresistibly soft for the rest of the day. Within about ten minutes into my therapeutic massage, I was out. 

After my massage I slowly regained semi-consciousness. I felt relaxed, less sore in the places that she had concentrated on, and much like how a baby kangaroo must feel in his mothers pouch: safe, warm, and completely content. Next up: my facial. 

I chose the Anti-Aging Regular Facial because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Also, I have been using the Murad Age Reform® regimen kit, and wanted to continue the benefits. I received a cleanse, steam, peel, a hydrating masque, and a head, neck, arm, and shoulder massage. Basically I was churned into stress-free, healthy, happy putty.  My face was left bright, silky smooth, and with the glow of healthy refreshed skin. When I existed the room, my esthetician was waiting for me with a cup of water, and follow up instructions for when I went home.

I had a wonderful time at Massage Envy Spa. From when I arrived to when I walked out the door, everything felt effortless, and smooth. The staff were friendly and well versed in the Murad skincare. After the peel, my skin went through a bit of purification (i.e. tiny pimples here and there), but nothing too major; nothing that made me wish for more foundation or coverage. Throughout the rest of the week I had friends asking me if I had done 'something different'. It was nice - considering my entire month so far has been filled with late nights and early mornings.

Have you been to a Massage Envy Spa location before? Did you know that they did facials? ( I didn't!) 

A huge thank you to Massage Envy Spa for having me! I know that I will be back soon.
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