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Katty Xiomara at Pier 59 Studios

Hi there loves! Wow what a wild and crazy 9 days it has been. I rather naively believed that I would have time to blog during NYFW.. Turns out I was lucky if I had time to eat, let alone sleep. It was a magical, stressful, beautiful ride, and I hit the ground sprinting. At the end of my very first day, I told my friend I had never been to the city before and her jaw dropped. "But you hopped on trains, and in cabs, and you went to Harlem and came from Queens and ran all over Manhattan!" she exclaimed. Yes of course! I downloaded HopStop, and I flew across the country! There was no way being alone in the city was going to deter me.

 I marched myself to the front of lines and found myself in front rows of fashion shows (by invitation, not negotiation!), made new friends, and became closer to ones previously made. It was wonderful. It was fuxxing cold; with record breaking temps and wind chills in the negative double digits. Did you keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat? I hope so!
Let's talk about Katty Xiomara - easily one of my favorite shows of the entire season (with Mara Hoffman as the tie). What a delight it was to see my dream wardrobe walking down the runway! Katty Xiomara strikes the perfect balance of sophisticated It Girl and playful tomboy.

Every skirt, blouse, dress, coat, everything that came down the runway at the Katty Xiomara show was perfect. It was playful and sophisticated, girly but not frilly, and structured without feeling too preppy. The fabrics were lush with sheen, and the prints were floral and geometric. And the full skirts were bug enough to make a statement, but still allow you on a subway car. I made sure to take special notice of the collars, for I know that that is something Xiomara always pays special attention to. 
When we first met at MAGIC, it was her collars that drew my attention. We talked about Snoopy, travel, and small towns. How incredible to meet again in the big city, at her fashion show. Please be sure to keep up with the most recent Katty Xiomara news on her Facebook Page!

By the end of my NYFW/MBFW adventure I had developed a strange, stabbing stomach pain that I had never experienced before. Was it from the lack of sleep? The stress of always being on the go? Too much coffee? Not enough meals? The cold? That insane Uber ride? I'll never know. I know that I gave my all, that I put all my heart into New York - and wow did New York reciprocate. So many new friends, so many beautiful shows, and many beautiful memories. I'm home now, and oh how I missed love. The love of someone who knows you, cares for you, and a cat who follows me around like a shadow. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything! I hope you enjoy the many posts and shows I have ready to share with you!

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