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San Francisco Shopping Trip

This weekend was spent bringing together the puzzle pieces of my upcoming NYFW trip. I can't believe that by this time Wednesday I'll already be on my way. Over the weekend I made some last minute purchases in San Francisco, including the perfect pair of black stilettos in a matte leather. (My new friend Julian who helped me make my decision scolded me for shopping so close to my deadline.)
Hard work, confirmed schedules, and an hourly play by play, written directions, and the familiarizing of the New York subways should have me feeling calm, cool, and collected, but this morning I actually woke in tears. I'm nauseated and nervous. I think now in my life perhaps more than ever I fear the unknown. However I know that this is the reason I am here, and why I booked a flight to a city on the other side of the country: It was the mundane day to day routine that was killing me in all of it's comfort. Now I find myself teetering on the ledge of the unknown and I cannot see beyond the breadth of my knownledge. Which, when it comes to New York isn't a whole lot. 

Here's to keeping the promises that we make to ourselves, to doing things that frighten us, and the dear friends that hold us in their hearts while we complete the journey. I know in my heart of hearts that once I land I will be so excited for the adventure that awaits. It's almost here!!

Here's to freaking New York Fashion Week!!!


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