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Designer and Artist Collaboration Feature and Giveaway

Suzy, designer of Dainty Rascal, myself, and Zack of ZR Art

I am so excited to bring this feature to you today! I know that today is April Fools, but this post is no joke - instead I'm thrilled to bring my local readers an incredibly awesome giveaway. Part couture, part art, this is a project that Suzy, Zack, and myself have been working on since last year. Together we've created a giveaway that is so unique, you'll to have to hunt for it!

Several months ago during my Plaza Mall Instagram takeover I met Zack, a local artist who sends his IG followers on weekly scavenger hunts for his original works of art. When he suggested finding a project to work on together, I was thrilled. Being an artist myself, I loved how he was bringing our community together in such a fun, positive way.

Zack later introduced me to Suzy, the crazy talented designer behind Dainty Rascal. Together all three of us brainstormed on how to blend all of our talents together to create a project that was just as unique as the beautiful area that we are so blessed to call home. We decided on a dress: measured, cut, sewn, and designed by Suzy, painted by Zack, and photographed and modeled by me. 

The photo above with all three of us is the dress before Zack painted it. Suzy used an organic cotton that is thick, and has a nice weight. Zack used washable inks and dyes. He chose a stylized jellyfish print as a nod to the Pacific Ocean that is just 30 minutes away from us. I chose one of my favorite green belts in Sonoma County: along Petaluma Hill Road. Every spring the fields burst to life with white, yellow, and purple flowers. Northern California hasn't had a solid rain storm in months, but you'd never know by the beautiful greenery. We chose a yellow mustard field to make the blue dress pop. 

How to win this dress? To participate you'll need to be in the area - as the dress will be physically hidden in the city of Santa Rosa. Please follow me, Zack, and Suzy on Instagram. We will all use our accounts to leave you clues as where to find the dress. The first person to find the dress, wins! Best of luck everyone!

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