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Everyday Essentials

With my new job I bring my computer home every evening. It's been an interesting evolution to see how many bags I lug to work every morning. However I think I'm starting to develop a system that works pretty well: a large sturdier bag that I don't have to worry about getting dirty for my laptop/pen tablet, and then my regular purse...and maybe a mini reusable Target bag for my lunch. 
I was recently sent a some eos products. I'm quite familiar with the lip balm, and was excited to try their new honeydew flavor. The lotion was new to me. I like it because it's light, a unique shape, and doesn't take up too much room in my purse. I can also operate it with one hand, which with all the bags I've been carrying lately has really been helpful. The scent is light and fades quickly. Since I don't usually like scented lotions, that's a good (thing for me).

My Fred water is a great conversation starter. They call it the 'pocket' water bottle, but we all know it's a flask. Which is awesome because it's for water. Which of course is obvious but that doesn't stop every single person who sees it from cracking a joke - which is also awesome. 
My T-Rex makeup bag has become an obsession - I am always trying to find new excuses to take it with me everywhere. I just love how quirky it is. Even the colors are spot on for the season. 
The mini bottle of Caudalie Divine Oil was an impulse purchase - I loved that it could be used for body, face, and hair. Turns out the stuff makes me break out like crazy (awful), but smells great in my hair, and feels incredible on the skin right after a warm shower. 
My Dolce & Gabbana shades. I liked the shape so much that I have a pair in pink as well! 

What are your everyday essentials? Do we have any similarities? Let me know below!

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