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Sweet Talk

How nerve-wracking is it to start a conversation with someone you’re attracted to? How many times have we stolen awkward glances, only to quickly look away when eye contact is made, secretly wishing that we could strike up a conversation instead? Some conversations are easier to start than others: like the hot barista at Starbucks. Even if it’s just placing an order for your half pump vanilla iced latte, that still counts as a conversation right?

I’m a hot giggling mess when it comes to speaking to someone who I find attractive. I can feel myself turning bright red while I start to smile, with that smile then turning into a grin - until I’m a cheesing, blushing, blubbering hot mess. It’s so embarrassing! Example: the two hot firemen who showed up to my old employment in uniform, catching me completely off guard. My reaction? I held a clipboard over my face while giggling uncontrollably. That whole ‘pretend they’re in their underwear’ thing did not help the situation either.

As someone who has been in a relationship for nearly 9 years, conversations with my boyfriend seem to have evolved from full sentences to the shrugging of the shoulders, sighs, and the pursing of the lips. Still, conversation plays a huge role in both dating and the maintenance of relationships. A major relationship killer is not having anything to talk about; many long term couples will often complain that there isn’t anything left to say, whereas new couples might struggle to find common interest.

So how do you talk to a man you’re attracted to? For you single ladies, do you have a list of questions to ask a guy that you usually use? How do you strike up a conversation? For you non-single ladies, have both you and your partner found or been able to establish that fine line of asking questions that go deeper than ‘How was your day?’ without them feel like they’re being “grilled”? In this post I’ve linked to 20 great questions and conversation starters to get both you single ladies, and those in a relationship started! If you’re simply trying to start a conversation with that hot guy at the gym, or if you’re a few months (or years!) into a relationship, these are great questions that will help you learn something new about the cutie in your life. Enjoy!

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