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Turn Around and Look Amazing with Gotti

Have you heard of Gotti Switzerland? They are an eye wear and sunglasses company that I have recently started working with. I wanted to introduce you to the brand before featuring them in an outfit post, because these sunglasses are so cool they required their own post!

Developed and designed in Switzerland, the idea for these clever sunnies came about after a day spent on the Swiss Alps. When on the slopes everyone wears their sunglasses, but what about when you're riding a lift, or taking a break for coffee? Where should the sunglasses be stored? Hooking them on to your collar, or sticking them in a pocket isn't always the best idea because they stick out and easily be knocked about.

Sven Gotti developed and designed an innovative idea: why not have the arms of the sunglasses be able to turn inward, mimicking the curve of the body while they are stowed away? The idea led to prototypes, and prototypes led to product. Since then the Gotti Spin & Stow has won the German Design Award, and several others. I am so proud to own these!

What impresses me the most about Gotti Switerland is that the company produces nearly everything in house; nothing is mass produced, and the collection is made by the leading manufacturers in Germany, Austria, and Japan. I think it's a beautiful thing when production is kept close to home: it ensures quality and attention to detail.

The sunglasses are light as air: when wearing them I often find myself forgetting that I have them on - even when indoors. Due to the curve of the arms, they do not pinch by the ears. Made with high tech material such as titanium, along with high quality standards such as hand polished frames, these glasses are such a joy to own. Be sure to look for them (along with their innovative protective case!) in my future outfit posts!

Thank you to Gotti Switerland for my sunglasses! 
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