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Rainy Days

Finally the rain is here. It’s dark, dreary, and surprisingly cold for this area. Whenever there are days like these I sometimes feel that the universe is purposefully making things harder for me. Everyone is so busy during the holiday season, rushing around doing last minute shopping, trying to get together with friends, and in a general state of disarray. The rain makes everything much more chaotic.

Using the weather as an explanation to stay in has never seemed like an acceptable excuse. We have cars, and pretty much all the errands I’d have to run are inside, so how can I say that I’m not able to because I might not even have to go outdoors. A few days ago, I was preparing to go out into the storm and it made me pause. Just thinking about trying to drive into town was already stressing me out; was it worth going to get a few groceries that could easily wait?

I for one, have always thought of rainy days in as a forbidden luxury, but there are always far too many things on my to-do list to really enjoy a day of nothing. But as I looked out into the pouring rain I decided that this was a time to let myself relax.

Luckily, my family is together for the holidays. Even though we are all under the same roof, it doesn’t always mean we see each other as much as one would think. My lazy day turned into a baking frenzy with family. It was the first time this year that we have been able to spend the entire day together without one of us having to rush off. Needless to say it was incredibly messy and a lot of fun.

The holidays are meant for family and friends, taking the time to relax and enjoy it. Lazy days have never been guilt free for me; rain or shine there are always tasks to be accomplished, but I see that being able to take a break is sometimes even more important than being productive.

I am going to designate at least two more days specifically to “do nothing”. It is so important to unplug from responsibilities and the outside world in order to recharge.

I hope you all have a happy holiday season and are able to take a day to enjoy where you are and who you are with.

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