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All Black Summer Outfit

The most beautiful thing about summer is getting to revel in its warmth and sunshine. The Bay Area doesn't have the muggy summer evenings that I crave, but it does have beautiful, bright, and vibrant days. Bay Area summers mean learning to strike a balance in layering; Will the outfit of the day still look cute with a sweater and a scarf later? Will those thin tights fit into your purse? The highs of the day may be in the mid-nineties, but if you dress for the heat of the day and don't plan for the chilly evenings, you'll be shivering before 9pm. #PlanAhead

Lately my two summer mainstays have been a long lasting moisturizer, and shower wipes for when I'm on the go. Overall there's nothing quite as uncomfortable as dry skin or feeling sweaty; so I've been keeping Lubriderm Daily Lotion on hand, along with Yuni Instant Shower Sheets. The Lubriderm lotion soaks into my skin and leaves me feeling soft and moisturized all day long, while the Yuni shower sheets whisk away the dirt and grime that sweat leaves behind, and even gives a refreshing cooling effect due to the peppermint oils.

A layering piece that I am loving for summer and one that I know will make a great transition piece for fall, is the bodysuit. For the warmer weather I have been pairing my bodysuits with lightweight joggers and Chucks, flirty skirts (although I would recommend shorts under the skirt!), and high waist denim. If you have been reading A Mused for a while, you know that I am not mentioning boyfriend jeans simply to show a form of personal restraint. (It should go without saying that I'm also pairing my bodysuits with bf jeans.)

What I love about this outfit is that it shows that you can wear all black in the middle of summer, and still have it be perfectly appropriate. The flirty faux-leather skirt paired with the low back of the bodysuit makes it playful and sexy, while the all black keeps it simple and chic. I love how my Musse and Cloud shoes pair with my outfit as well.

Have you jumped on the bodysuit trend? Are you loving it? My only gripe with the trend is that a majority of the suits aren't cut to be worn under fitted pants/skirts - which to me is counter intuitive. Other than that, I'm loving it!

Photos: Stephanie Malilong Photography
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