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AMOREPACIFIC Cushion Foundation Review

Sephora is currently having their 20% off sale! In honor of the event, I am sharing some of my favorite skincare and makeup items along with my review of the AMOREPACIFIC cushion foundations.

I was invited to try both the AMOREPACIFIC Color Control and the Age Correcting Cushion Foundations. For both I chose the shade 104 (listed as 'Light/Medium Pink), and it was a perfect skin tone match. I tend to be more of a yellow/olive undertone in foundations ('beige' is usually part of the description), so I was a little surprised by the match.

Both foundations contain broad spectrum SPF protection in them: 50+ and 25+ respectively. My first impression of the compacts was that I loved how they looked. I have always felt that compacts hold a touch of old world glamour to them: holding up a mirror to touch up your makeup is so femme fetale.
They fit nicely in my hand, and they have a good sized mirror that allowed me see where I was applying the foundation. The cushion applicator was better quality in the Age Correcting compact. Both foundations came with an extra refill.

To apply the product simply peel back the protective film, and gently press the applicator onto the foundation cushion. Gently pat your face (be sure to use a patting action, and not a sweeping or a buffing motion) to apply the product in a soft and even manner. Pay special attention the the corners of your nose. Also be sure to wash the applicator sponge at least once a week!

The pros
The finish on both these foundations is flawless. If you are seeking a lightweight, dewy finish, that also leaves a healthy glow, AMOREPACIFIC Cushion Foundations fit the bill. The foundations are buildable and and super easy to apply: simply apply the product onto your face in a gentle patting motion, and voila! No streaks, no blotches. The compact is built for travel, and it's easy to simply throw this in your bag and run out the door, without worrying about the product spilling, leaking, or loosing the top cap. They will also last a long time, as one to two applications will cover my entire face in beautiful, even coverage. The foundations also 'play well' with other products such as my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, which I use as a base for my makeup.

The cons
The AMOREPACIFIC Age Correcting Cushion has a strong scent when first applied. It fades away pretty quickly, however those who are sensitive to fragrances in makeup might find this to be a deterrent to using the product. The foundations also need a base of some sort - be it a primer, a moisturizer, etc, the products do not 'sit' well if applied directly to the skin without any other product underneath it. The foundations do not stay well otherwise. Of course skin should always be primed and moisturized before applying makeup, as it is important part of a healthy skincare regimen. If you are new to cushion foundations, or are not familiar with them, chances are that they will not last you very long; I blew through my first sponge quite quickly because I was using too much when applying. There was a bit of a learning curve for me at the beginning, but now that I have grown accustomed to using the product, each refill lasts me about 6 weeks of daily use. So essentially a kit of two refills should last me 3 months.

Final takeaway
I really enjoy using this product! I like that everything is self contained in that I do not need to worry about using a foundation brush, or waste time digging around for it in my makeup bag. The compact makes it great for travel, and I love the dewy finish it leaves on my skin. The scent can be strong at first, but it fades away quickly, so I don't really mind. All in all I would say now that I am used to the product, and now know how much is needed when I apply it, the $60 retail price isn't that bad, considering it lasts me close to 3 months.

Photo credit: Stephanie Malilong Photography

Maintaining a healthy glow through fall

Through the transition seasons skincare can be a little challenging; it's foggy and cold in the mornings, perhaps with a little frost, and the afternoon layers are shed, only to be put back on in the evening. Fall can easily wreak havoc on our wardrobe choices (what to wear??!) as well as out skincare and makeup routines. One skincare staple that I swear by are the products that contain hyaluronic acid.

Deeply moisturizing, the acid (and I know 'acid' sounds scary! but not this kind) primes the skin to assist in absorbing other products. When used daily it will plump the skin, and give it a healthy glow. It can be used as a mask treatment, taken in supplement form, and used as a daily part of your skincare regimen. I recommend all three; as daily supplement, a daily moisturizer, and as a weekly mask treatment. By simply incorporating hyaluronic acid into your regimen, you will be on your way to happy and healthy fall skin!

In addition to the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector which I wear under my skin, I like to apply the Benefit High Beam to my cheekbones (all the way to up the edge of my brows), brow arch, and just above my lips. The result is a beautiful healthy glow from the inside out! Also, if going for a dewy look - be sure to use a liquid or gel blush! When applying the blush I like to use a sponge applicator. 

Sephora's Beauty Insider 20% sale starts today and goes until 7th for VIB Rouge members, and from 11/11 - 11/14 for VIBs. It's the perfect time to stock up, so get to it before the sale ends!

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