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Teeth Whitening at Home with Smile Brilliant

I used to think that I was both the best and the worst client for teeth whitening. Why? Because the very reasons that make me a great candidate for the process also make me the worst: I love coffee, and I love wine. Red wine.Turns out, I'm just a really great candidate for the service!

When whitening your teeth, the goal is to lift both surface and deeper stains from the porous enamel. The whitening treatment gets down into the layers of the enamel and bleaches the stains away. However the process itself makes the tooth surface more susceptible to newer stains for a period of roughly two days to a week.

I'll admit that a week felt a little long as I had to temporarily stay away from my favorite drinks. That being said I certainly wanted my teeth to be whiter, and decided to start the whitening process after the holiday season - or as I like to call it, The Wine and Cheese Season. They made the entire teeth whitening at home process incredibly easy, which was fantastic!

The stains on my teeth had been a source of insecurity for some time, and I really wanted to make an effort in getting this done. I didn't have the time to make an appointment and schedule a dentist teeth whitening session, and I really didn't want to drop the $700+ that often is required. I had tried Crest Whitening Strips in the past, and I hadn't been able to achieve desired results.The whitening strips always slipped off, and were somewhat messy to use. I had also tried the DIY teeth whitening at home strategies of baking soda and strawberries, but after just one use it left my gums sore and raw, along with a mild case of tooth sensitivity.

Some of you may remember my own DIY teeth whitening formula that I shared on the blog. I still stand by it! However if you are wanting to significantly whiten your teeth in under a week, I recommend Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening. At only $129 for a starter kit, I found this to be a much more reasonable option than a dental teeth whitening process done in an office. It fit into my schedule (I would whiten my teeth while watching Pretty Little Liars reruns), and I have had beautiful results which are comparative to a professional teeth whitening service. Plus - I can do touch ups as needed, at home!

How it works
After ordering your teeth whitening kit from the website, your custom teeth whitening system will arrive with everything you will need to get started: whitening gel, de-sentatizing gel (after treatment), a dental impressions kit, instruction cards, and a pre-paid envelope to mail back your impressions. Once received, your customized dental impression trays will then be sent to you, ready to use. Now you're ready to start the whitening process! To start: floss your teeth, and gently brush your teeth. With a clean towel or washcloth, wipe your teeth dry. Then, line your custom trays with strip of whitening gel (there will be detailed instructions), wipe excess gel off your gums, and relax! Once your whitening session is done, rinse your mouth and trays, and apply the de-sentatizing gel, and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse your mouth, and admire your brightening smile!

Seeing results
I saw results right away. The first time applying the gel I only left it on for 30 minutes or so. I have sensitive teeth and wanted to start slow. After that, I quickly advanced to about 90 minutes per session. I always made sure to use the de-sentatizing gel afterwards! (Also, be sure to check out this YouTuber video and see her results as well!)

Will it hurt?
It might. The possibility of pain occurring usually happens if the whitening gel comes into contact with the gums. If too much gel is used, this might happen. It is important to only use about 1/4 of the gel in each tray. I found that wiping my gums free of the excess gel, as well as coating them with coconut oil did wonders. I didn't have any pain as long as I took these precautionary steps.

Is it worth it?
In my opinion, yes! I may have had a few extra sleepy mornings while waiting for my teeth to be coffee ready, but I honestly feel that it was worth it!

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