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Co-Ordinate Dark Floral Set

Welcome to the 1st week of May! Can you believe that spring is now officially in full bloom? I am so ready, and excited for warmer days and sunnier days. And while the Northern California weather may still have some kinks to work out, I know that in just a few short days I am guaranteed brighter, more tropical days. Why? Because I am headed to Cuba! I couldn't be more thrilled for the adventure. I have done as much research as I can, and today I will be headed to the library (remember those?) to pick up extra reading materials for while I am there. However from what I have read on all the travel forums, one is never quite fully prepared for Cuba. I am totally okay with that - I am looking forward to the adventure 😊

It's no secret that the Victoria Beckham for Target collection was a hit. There have been rumors that the sizing on the pieces were hit-or-miss, and I'm here to tell you, that from my experience, I have found the rumors to be true. Sizing was absolutely all over the place for the items, and I could range anywhere from a size x-small to a medium in the women's sizing, to x-large (but that was for the kids clothing line, so I don't think that really counts). For reference: the skirt in these photos is an x-small, and the top is a small. That being said, I wouldn't let the sizing inconsistencies deter you from trying out the pieces! I learned long ago to take women's sizing with a grain of salt, so if you saw some VBxTarget styled you want to give a try, I say go for it.

Wishing you lots of sunshine!

Photography: Sam Delaware

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