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Busy Busy

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Lately I have been busy, busy, busy. I know better than to glorify the lack of my free time because, one: it's just icky and a bizarre form of humble-bragging, and two: I firmly believe that one needs to be cautious of what they put into the universe. What I will confess is that I am beginning to miss certain elements, or moments that have been lost in the shuffle of having very little time to myself.

Creativity, or more specifically, creativity in dressing is something that I have been missing. A couple years ago I made the conscientious effort to simplify my wardrobe and capsulate (yes, real word) it in terms of colors. I wanted a closet full of black, white, beige, grey, and millennial pink to make getting dressed for any occasion effortless and chic. I focused on wardrobe basics, classic items (think striped tee's, great fitting dark wash jeans, chic flats, etc.), and pieces that I could easily layer. I am still very much in love with this idea. But (real talk) completely overhauling an entire wardrobe takes a lot of financial effort. And being the person that I am, I tend to research a desired item for weeks and perhaps even months, settle on something that requires months of saving, only to debate if I really need the item once I can finally afford to purchase it. Refusing to shop impulsively means that I often miss out on the Instagram trends (Gucci belt, anyone?), and end up rotating the same 3-4 purses in every outfit post.

Which, of course, leads me to the inane materialistic characteristics of being a style blogger. The materialistic tendencies do exist. It would be misleading to pretend that I do not find value in material possessions. It seems to be an American right of passage, and glorified the world over through social media. I don't find it to be a negative in my life - although I can see (and have experienced) how it can quickly get out of hand. Materialism it seems, stifles creativity. It is a conundrum.
I digress.

I do consider constructive busyness a blessing (hear, hear, universe!) in that it keeps me productive, and on the cusp of new and exciting opportunities. The less personal time I have to myself however, the more I demand of my clothing and outfits; I want them to do all the work, if that makes sense. I want them to have the right amount of slouch, the right amount of stretch, and I need for them to be comfortable. To hug and hang in all the right places. Given the vast array of women's clothing, it can be a challenge to strike this balance.

Today's outfit is one that strikes that balance perfectly; my Banana Republic Sloan Pant have just the right amount of stretch and they are incredibly comfortable to wear. They come in several color options and patterns, and I love the ankle length! A major plus is that they can be worn at the office, and out for after-work drinks (and they come in an array of colors and patterns perfect for every occasion). My blouse is a fun and healthy dose of color, and it reminds me of a vintage designer gown I purchased a several years ago. One way I am making my clothes do 'all the work' is by reintroducing patterns into my wardrobe. Prints do wonders for upping the style ante. My heels I am currently contemplating purchasing in every color, because I recently discovered that I can sprint in them!

Photography: Erick Redcloud

Purse, Sloan Pants: c/o Banana Republic // Top: ASOS // Heels: L.K. Bennett // Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

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