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Pink Rosé Cupcakes Recipe with Gran Moraine

Gran Moraine recently sent me a bottle of their 2017 Rosé of Pinot Noir as a zero-obligation gift. Produced in the Yamhill Carlton AVA region of Oregon (nestled between Eugene and Portland), this rosé is a beautiful, warm shade of pink with flavor notes of strawberry and watermelon (bear with me here, I am not a wine writer!). It is smooth, with a long citrus finish. It smells like a rose bouquet on a warm summer day and given the size of the bottle (1.5 liters), it is one to be shared and enjoyed with friends!

For me, this has been the summer of rediscovering wine. I know - it may seem odd that I, someone who lives in the very heart of Sonoma County, is at a point of re-discovery. But here's the thing: I have always believed that I already knew what I liked: Red, full-bodied wines (such as Malbecs and Petite Syrahs), and no white wines unless they were a Gewurztraminer. So much change and discovery has happened since then!

Amy Leiberfarb has since taken me under her wing and is opening up an entirely new world to me. I have learned about old vine Zinfandels, met Dr. Pinot, and sipped new, modern Chardonnays, and I am so proud to say that there is now no wine that is off the table.

Rosé seems to be having a revival in recent years; the rosés I remember from five, seven years ago were syrupy sweet, almost dessert-like wines. As someone who detests sweet alcoholic drinks of any variety, I quickly learned to stay away from Moscato and Rosé. But oh, how production trends have changed! Winemakers stateside seem to be embracing the French Rosé, and are delivering complex dry, more robust flavors, and I couldn't be happier about it. The Gran Moraine 2017 Rosé of Pinot Noir checks all the boxes for me; crisp and fresh, fruity flavors, but not too sweet. It pairs perfectly with salmon, light pasta dishes (think olive oil and capers), and light, simple salads.

So now that I have found the perfectly dry, bright, and critusy Rosé, what do I do? Create one of the most sugar-laden desserts ever - an ironic twist that is certainly not lost on me: "I hate sweet alcohol. Here, have a cupcake with rosé in it." 😂 But... who doesn't love cupcakes? And...who doesn't love wine?

Exactly! This is a win-win situation, and I am here to cheer you on.

Pink Rosé Cupcakes Recipe

The recipe is simple: no need to over complicate things.
Go to Target (or wherever) and grab yourself a box of strawberry cake mix.
The recipe should call for oil, eggs, and water. Cut the water amount in half; and replace the other half with rosé.
Mix as usual.
Portion out into cupcake tins, and bake, as per instructions on the box.
Boom. You're done.
Allow cupcakes to cool (about 1 hour) and then frost.
Brag to friends.

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