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After Valentine's Day with Crest

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Whether you celebrated Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or both, there’s no denying that there seems to be a lot of chocolate and wine that surrounds the holiday. Alcohol and sugar can do a number on one’s teeth, even if gifted with the best intentions. The important thing to remember is to enjoy the chocolates and the sweets and the drinks in moderation! Also, it can be fun to do some “non traditional” activities on special holidays like these. I’ve listed out three ideas to remember for next year below.

Galentine’s Day hike and picnic
Celebrating female friendships is a beautiful thing. If the weather permits, I highly recommend getting outdoors and enjoying some winter sunshine. Getting outside, moving about and packing some snacks, or even a full picnic is a great way to enjoy the bright weather, if you’re lucky enough to have some during the winter. As a Californian, I know my idea of winter is quite skewed, but even I am starting to crave warmer days!

Take a cooking class with your special someone
Cooking classes are great because it makes the mundane fun again. Eating out every night isn’t very sustainable (or healthy!), or economically sound. It can be easy to suffer from “recipe burnout” pretty quickly too. A cooking class, whether done through a community center, local kitchen store, or a junior college could offer up a lot of new fun ideas and recipes! Taking a fun class like this will bring new memories to your relationship, and new recipes to the table.

Indoor camping
This was my favorite activity as a child! My parents would allow me to set up the family tent in the living room, and I would fill it with pillows, blankets, and snacks.I would cozy up in the tent, and watch all my favorite movies and shows. Why not re-purpose this activity as an adult? Turn on your favorite streaming service, pop some popcorn, bringing the blankets, and cozy up for a night in with your loved one.

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