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Whish Body Natural Skincare Review + How to Properly Apply a Mud Mask

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For those of you who have followed along with me on Instagram, you know that I recently spent two full weeks in France. This trip was unique for me in that instead of spending my full time in Paris, I got out of the city, hopped on a few trains and buses, and went to several new places! The experience was liberating, and it instilled a lot of confidence in myself, my ability to speak French, and I learned a lot. But! Those stories will have to wait for a different post (or several) - as I am thrilled to write to you about a new (to me) skincare line that I took along with me on my journey.

While traveling I always pack my "tried and true" skincare products and brands. Travel, especially international travel, can wreck havoc on my skin. I think it is the long airplane travel with its circulated air, time zone changes, sleep deprivation, different minerals in the water, change in diet...the list goes on and on. My skincare routine tends to suffer greatly, as I fall asleep at odd hours, and often in my days makeup (I know!! absolutely terrible).

For my two week trip to France I brought two skincare brands with me: one tried and true, and one new. Whish Body natural skincare for me, is a new brand. I was intrigued by their product line, because I recognized several of the ingredients, but hadn't come across them before! And family, let me tell you - I am so very glad to now have Whish on my bathroom self. There is so very much to love! Continue reading to learn why.

Meet Whish

Whish is an organic, natural skincare brand that is paraben, sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical, DEA and TEA free brand. They are Leaping Bunny certified, use locally sourced ingredients, and are made locally here in the USA.

And as if that wasn't incredible enough, they use, in abundance, ingredients that I swear by for healthy skin, and real results: bakuchiol, centifolia rose flower extract, and rosehip oil.

Bakuchiol is an ingredient I have only recently been introduced to: for the last six months I have incorporated it into my skincare routine. What is it? It is most popularly known as a natural retinol replacement, or retinol alternative. Unlike retinol, it is safe to use bakuchiol while pregnant, and it doesn't pose the same UV exposure dangers*, or dry skin and redness. Bakuchiol, like retinol, targets hyper-pigmentation, boosts collagen production, promotes celluar turnover, and plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Because of the low contraindications, bakuchiol may be used after a deep cleansing facial without major concern (but as always, it is better to be on the safe side and know what your skin can handle - be sure to test a small area of your skin first!).

Centifolia rose flower extract is a gentle antiseptic than can often be found in cleansing waters, toners, and masks. It has astringent properties, and can be very helpful in the treatment and prevention of blemishes, oily skin, and gently primes the skin to take in more moisture. Because of it's calming and healing properties, it is ideal for all skin types. It won't dry out skin, thus it won't encourage an overproduction of sebum. It truly is a gentle, effective extract!

Rosehip oil has an ancient history with beauty enthusiasts. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and E, rosehip is considered one of the most effective oils for the treatment of keloid (raised) scars. And while it may seem counter intuitive to apply oils to acne-prone skin, rosehip oil is a great ingredient for those prone to breakouts. It also does wonders for dry patches on skin (which I am prone to during high allergy seasons).

No foundation, or filter here! I am wearing sunscreen (non-tinted), under eye concealer, blush + highlighter, and a lip tint. 

The Whish Natural Skincare products I brought with me, and why:

Whenever I travel, especially to France, my skin tends to become very dry. The dryness makes for some strange acne flareups, as I feel that it can be challenging to effectively remove sunscreen from dry skin - as I want to be as gentle with my skin as possible, which means sometimes in the name of being gentle, not all my makeup/sunscreen gets removed properly. I wanted to make sure I brought powerful, effective products, but also ones that were going to be moisturizing and not set back my progress with treating my hyper-pigmentation.

Revitalizing Cleansing Oil: So - this product and I shared a bit of a learning curve. The first couple of uses I didn't like this product. At all. But, I'm glad that I stuck with it! The two-step cleansing system is important to me. I feel that an oil based cleanser is very important when trying to break up both makeup and sunscreen, and that a one-step process simply doesn't do enough. That being said, I have used a lot of oil cleansers! I was excited to try this one based on all the positive reviews. But after my first use, I was wondering if I had been duped.

I'm happy to say, I most certainly have not been duped! I was simply being introduced to a new product, and was also working with an ingredient that wasn't in my usual rotation of products: olive fruit oil. For those of you who already use olive oil as a part of your skincare routine, you will love this Revitalizing Cleansing Oil. For those of you don't traditionally use olive oil (such as myself), you will be in for a bit of a learning curve.

Olive fruit oil is a deeply moisturizing product. Just a few drops can penetrate deep into the skin, and leave it feeling soft all day long. This is a good thing! However for me, after using the Revitalizing Cleansing Oil, I misunderstood the lingering moisture as a sign that the cleansing oil hadn't done it's job. I was incorrect - what I was experiencing was the benefits of cleansing with olive fruit oil. I'm happy to have learned about a new product and ingredient!

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Rice Milk + Rose Face Crème Cleanser: A huge plus for me is that a very little amount of this cleanser goes a long way, thus making it great for travel. A pea sized amount works into a rich, creamy lather that feels my skin feeling clean, and not stripped. I find it the most effective when partnered with the two-step, oil cleansing method. This Rice Milk + Rose Face Creme Cleanser contains rice powder and centifolia rose flower extract to gently cleanse, and organic green tea leaf extract, and organic sunflower seed oil to soothe and moisturize.

➤Note: when reading the ingredient list, you will see "sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate" listed as the second ingredient. This is a water soluble and coconut derived surfactant that also happens to be sulfate-free. This ingredient is not to be confused with it's infamous "sodium lauryl sulfate".

Rose Hip + Lotus Nourishing Dew Mask: Ooh boy! Ok, this mask is bound to have a cult following, if it doesn't already. I am in love with this mask! Creamy, and deeply moisturizing, this product lives up to its name. It is lightweight, smells lovely, and it leaves my skin feeling incredible. Due to the mango butter, organic rose hip fruit extract, and organic safflower oil, my skin is left soft, moisturized and plumped, while the green tea leaf extract with reduces redness and inflammation.

Renewing Mud Mask: This is one of the most moisturizing mud masks I have come across! Clay and mud masks are capable of producing glowy, dewy skin, but most of us are accustomed to mud masks leaving our skin feeling tight and shiny. However, the proper way to use and wear a mud mask is to not allow it to fully dry. My Whish Renewing Mud Mask leaves my skin feeling soft, and looking bright. I also really love that it some in tube, complete with a pump. I feel like this reduces the amount of mess. The mud mask contains bakuchiol, and rosehip oil.

All in all, I am very happy with Whish Body natural skincare. I value their commitment to using organic, natural products, and for being Leaping Bunny certified. I am also very happy with my decision to bring them along on my journey to France! I think having the Whish products on hand made a huge difference in my overall skincare, and I'm so happy to have these products on my shelf.

How to Properly Apply a Mud Mask:

So, how does one properly use a clay and mud mask? There are three phases to wearing a mud mask: the first is when the mask is first applied, and is in its muddy, messy glory. The second is when it's in a tacky-to-the-touch phase, and the third is right before it's completely dry. The phase you want to skip is the final one.

Step 1:Before applying, prepare your skin by spritzing a gentle, alcohol-free toner evenly across your face (perhaps one containing centifolia rose flower extract). Then, with a mask brush (using a bush helps minimize product waste vs. using your fingers) apply a liberal amount of the mask - not too thin, but not dripping off of your face, either. Take care to avoid the sensitive skin around and under your eyes, and lip area.

Step 2: Monitor. Remember, you are now taking care to use mud masks properly, which means that instead of leaving the mud mask on for 20+ minutes, you are now leaving it on for about 5-7 minutes instead. Set a timer, if needed!

Step 3: If you feel like you need a deeper, longer session with the mask, here is a little trick: grab your alcohol-free toner, and give your face a nice spritz, and re-wet the mask. This will add a few additional minutes.

Step 4: Rinse and remove. Wet your hands and place them over your face, patting your skin with your palms. Repeat until the ask is similar to the same texture that it was when you first applied. Gently remove the mask in circular motions, and rise until clean.  Follow up with your trusted moisturizer, and enjoy your lovely mud mask glow!

*No matter the product or your skincare routine, always be sure to wear sunscreen please!

This post was sponsored by Whish Natural Skincare. All photos and opinions are mine, and a true representative of my thoughts, and feelings towards these products. Sponsored content pays the rent! If you have any questions about the sponsored content I selectively choose to produce, please do not hesitate to ask :) 

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