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Transitioning Fall Outfit with Corduroy and Velvet

We are well into October, and the temperatures here in Sonoma County are still in the high 80’s. I’ve finally come to terms with the short spring, and the late, everlasting summers in this region: I know by now that fall won’t begin until the first week of November - and that by the end of the month it will be wet and rainy, and will remain so until June.

Even so, I am determined to still find ways to sneak “fall” into my wardrobe! Corduroy, velvet, and fuzzy textures certainly help - although, full disclosure: I promptly changed after these photos. It was simply too damn hot to wear a sweater in the afternoon - the boots were fine though. (The temperatures start out in the low 50s for the day, but by the afternoon it can easily be in the low 90’s!) I’ll be sure to repeat this outfit next month, but add some tights 😉

I am undeniably going through a strong hair accessories phase. Personally, I am loving the regal revival of the padded, extra wide and tall Renaissance style headband. It's like wearing a socially acceptable crown throughout the day, and I am all about it! True to the life of a trend, the pricing range varies widely - I have seen some go for several hundred dollars (almost a thousand!), but have found some awesome handmade ones priced between $7-$35 on both Amazon and Etsy.

I purchased my Stuart Weizmann boots last year, during the Nordstrom January sales. I was able to purchase them for about 55% below their normal price, and I am so in love..! Because of the wet weather during the time that I purchased them, I haven’t been able to wear them much - I’ve actually only worn them two or three times within a year! I’m excited to get some much deserved wear time with these soon.

My super fuzzy sweater is from Liv Fashion Boutique, a local store here in Santa Rosa. I canNOT get over how incredibly soft it is. It’s so soft in fact, that I am genuinely afraid to put it in the washing machine...My greatest fear is that I’ll only get half of it back after the spin cycle. I’ve opted for delicate hand-washing only, which is challenging as my bathroom sink is quite small.

My corduroy dress is from Pacsun; it’s too big and needs a belt, but I often opt for oversized items anyway. Plus, I love the color - in college I was positively obsessed with this shade of yellow. I’m happy to see it popping up on the clothing racks again.

Outfit Details:

Headband: Amazon (which, is surprisingly comfortable, considering how large my head is)
Sweater: Liv Fashion Boutique
Dress: Pacsun (I was able to find some good alternatives on Amazon: Option 1 and Option 2)
Boots: Stuart Weizmann
Bike: a gift from Brooklyn Bike Company

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