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3 Days in Mexico City, Pt. 2: What to See and Do!

As mentioned in my 3 Days in Mexico City, Pt. 1: Culture and Etiquette Guide, 3 days in CDMX is not nearly enough time to spend here! That being said, I do strongly recommend taking any opportunity you have to visit this city. You will be so very glad that you did!

In the Part 1 to this two-part series, I covered my top tips on how to best be prepared for your visit: I reviewed everything from the Spanish that is spoken in Mexico City, the top apps to download, the importance of food, and the real deal about the water safety. If you would like to review that post as well, you may do so here.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the many places that we (Joe and I were traveling together for a majority of this trip) were able to visit. Truth be told, I am surprised at just how much we were able to do and see! AirBnB really made this trip spectacular: we did a homestay, and booked several Experiences through them. Everything was seamless, and I cannot recommend them enough. If you haven't used AirBnB.com yet, it's worth it! If you do decide to create an account with them, I hope that you will use my referral link - as I earn points through new signups. By using my referral link you will save $40 off of your first home booking, and will receive a $15 voucher to use towards any Experience over $50 or more!

We made it! On top of the Pyramid of the Moon
AT the base of Chapultepec Castle 
In the Botanical Gardens of Chapultepec
Inner courtyard gardens of Chapultepec Castle

3 Days in Mexico City, Pt. 2

My first day in Mexico City I was on my own, as Joe was arriving later that evening. Our AirBnB was right on the Plaza de la República, and I was able to grab a coffee and breakfast in the area before heading out for the day. If you are staying in the same area, I highly recommend Finca Don Porfirio Revolución’s Marzipan latte. It tastes just like the candy! They also have delicious pastries.

Bosque de Chapultepec: this is one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere, and it is a phenomenal space! Lush and green, it has several parks within the park, a theme park complete with roller coasters, a zoo, an open air market, and a castle. It also has free WiFi, a Botanical Garden, several monuments and statues, art installations, and is where the Mercedes Benz CDMX Fashion Week is held. You could easily spend three days in this park exploring all it has to offer! Also, on hot muggy days, this park is the perfect place to escape to cooler temperatures. Be sure to set aside at least an hour to wander the grounds here. You could even purchase lunch from one of the vendors within the park and have a picnic!

Chapultepec Castle: My first day in Mexico City, I spent my time at the park. I explored the monuments, art installations, and visited the Chapultepec Castle. There is a small ticket fee ($70MX - less than 4$USD) to enter. After purchasing tickets, there is a hike to the top of the hill - the views alone are worth the trek! The castle is unique in that large parts of it are open, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The living quarters are all arranged to provide the best views and vistas of the city as possible - even the bathrooms! Even if history isn’t your thing, a visit to the castle is worth it for the incredible panoramas of both the park and the city.

Did you know: The Chapultepec Castle is the only castle in North America to house Sovereigns? (The Islands of Hawai'i also had a royal palace that housed Sovereigns: but as it is not attached to the North American continent, I suppose this fact holds true on a technicality.)

Parque Mexico, Condesa: This is a beautiful urban garden park in the center of La Condesa. This park has free WiFi, man-made ponds (with ducks!), water fountains, and an Art Deco clock tower, with bells. La Condesa is known for its 1920's Art Deco style, and this park is a beautiful reflection of that. In the spring and summer, the park is bursting with climbing vines, wisteria, and flowers. It is also a fantastic place for people watching while indulging on some El Morro churros.

➤A note about the parks: culturally (as explained to me by Arturo), children will live with their parents into adulthood. Because of this, and it still being a strongly influenced Catholic society, teens and young adults don’t “bring home” their significant others. As a result the young love birds will flock to the many parks and cuddle, kiss, mingle, and do what they don’t feel comfortable doing at home. It’s cute, a little surprising, and thoroughly amusing. Roll with it! Or, as Joe and I did, grab and ice cream and discreetly enjoy the show (and try to keep the giggling down).

Friendly Miguel of Portraits, Tacos, and Beer! For his Experience, you start off with a meal.

Talented chef, Arturo of Tortilla Making and Salsas Fiestas

AirBnB Experiences:

My first AirBnB Experience was a Portraits, Tacos, and Beer, with Miguel, and was non-stop laughter, and so much fun. Miguel was warm and friendly, talkative, and I felt completely safe wandering the city with him. He is a professional photographer, who takes beautiful photos. For the Experience we met at a centrally located restaurant, and he ordered food for my per my preferences. We then had some locally made beer, got to know one another through conversation, and then off into the city to take candid and more structured photos. We then returned to Chapultepec Park, and visited the Botanical Gardens, which were unique and beautiful (I also made friends with a very photogenic turtle).

Tortilla Making and Salsas Fiestas: This was my birthday present to myself, and I loved it!! Joe and I did this Experience together. Arturo is such a warm and genuine person. The Experience was hosted at his home. As an experienced chef, he taught us how to make multiple salsas, and different types of corn tortillas. He even showed us how to “decorate” corn tortillas by arranging squash flowers and cilantro into the masa before pressing them in the tortilla press. After making our salsas and tortillas, we sat down to dinner, which included a mezcal tasting. Our dinner after our cooking session was incredible. I learned all sorts of neat little tricks from this Experience, and have already used a couple of these at home (such as quick pickling ingredients for tacos!). Be sure to check out Arturo’s Experience!

Teotihuacán Pyramids Day Trip Experience

Teotihuacán City of the Gods Day Trip: This was one epic Experience that I found through AirBnb. Hosted by two brothers, Joe and I were picked up at Parque Mexico early in the morning and shuttled to the Teotihuacán Pyramids. It was a long, hot day, but I truly loved visiting this World Unesco Site. The history and mysteries surrounding these pyramids are fascinating.

Did you know: these three pyramids share the same alignment as those in Giza?? The Teotihuacán Pyramid of the Sun and the Great Pyramid of Giza are both nearly identical in size at their bases. And both trio of pyramids are aligned with Orion’s Belt. Facinating!

In Frida's garden

Museo Frida Kahlo, Col. del Carmen: This place was crowded. There is often a long line outside the door, so be sure to purchase tickets ahead of time online! It will save you from having to wait. The Frida Kahlo House aka La Casa Azul, is such a beautiful space. The home has lush and well manicured gardens, which feel like a private jungle (she owned spider monkeys, so perhaps this is why!). The museum also has a cafe, a picnic area, and a great little gift shop. While there I picked up the cutest little Frida Kahlo earrings here! (Which tickles me to no end because of how adorable they are, but also because I know that if she was alive she would also hate them 🤣)

Metropolitan Cathedral, Colonia Centro: The full name is The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heavens..! But the true fun fact is that this place is crooked! Not in the political sense (I wouldn’t know) but in the literal, the floor is at a total slant type of way. After some online research I learned that the cathedral is slowly sinking, as it was built on top of a lake. Look for evidence of this on the far right hand side once you enter. The cathedral is beautiful and breathtaking in every way you would hope a cathedral would be: it is Latin America’s largest and oldest cathedral, and is built on top of an ancient Aztec holy site. The church was built in multiple architectural styles, including Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance. Unfortunately due to our busy schedule we were only able to visit this place for about 5-10 minutes before it closed. It’s located right on the Plaza de la Constitución square.

Plaza Silver and GoldCentro Historico: Truth be told, I was somewhat underwhelmed by the selection here. I thought there would be more vendors than what there was, and there was just as much gold being sold, as there was silver (hence the name) when I was really hoping for more silver. It was a rushed visit as we were tight on time, but I was able to leave with a lovely silver heart pendant that has little bells inside (that I am now in love with). Joe also found a couple rings that he likes! If you would like to shop for silver, I recommend doing your research ahead of time, that way you can plan and map out your shopping.

The meal provided by Teotihuacán Pyramids Day Trip Experience!! All this food for a small extra fee; this was the most incredible homemade meal!

El Morro mini consuelos trio
El Morro mini consuelos

Arturo showed us how to "decorate" our torillas


La Vienet Gourmet, Coyoacán: This is a delightful little bakery and restaurant just three blocks away from the Museo Frida Kahlo - and it is also blue! Joe and I stopped in for pastries and were not disappointed. A must-try: their cornbread muffins.

Churrería El Moro, Condesa: Such a cute little place! These churros are lovely - chewy and crispy, dusted in cinnamon and sugar. Easily the best churros I have ever had! Joe and I ordered the mini consuelos to share: a trio of mini churro ice cream sandwiches.

La Soldadera Restaurant, Tabacalera: if you want the most unique experience you’ll most likely ever have when ordering a Caesar salad, dine at La Soldadera. Overlooking the Plaza de Revolucion, the restaurant is named after the “women of the rebels” and the interior is made to look like a saloon. Mild culture shock aside, this place had delicious food, and incredibly attentive and friendly staff.

A note about street food vendors: Please do not be afraid to eat at the street carts! It may feel a little intimidating if you do not speak Spanish, or if you are concerned for other reasons. Just go with it. Trust me. You're likely to remember a meal or a snack from a food vendor as one of your favorites. And if not, at least you tried something new!

Hanky Panky, Juarez: Oh this place is so cool. An upscale, swanky bar that is hidden within an unassuming restaurant, it's hard to not feel chic and completely in the know while here. Joe, who once moonlighted as a bartender, was thoroughly impressed with their worldly and exquisite cocktail menu (I was too, but he has more experience in this area). They have an exclusive drink menu, with bartenders from all over the world submitting recipes in competition to be included on the menu. They also have the best playlist I have ever heard. Oh, and when you leave? You may, or may not leave through a refrigerator...! One thing however is for certain: you will need help finding this place. Be sure to cozy up to a local for the exact address (and remember not to geo-tag yourself while there, as the menu says!).

Hanky Panky bartender


As you can tell, our visit to Mexico City was short and sweet. I had an incredible birthday trip, and I am so glad I was able to experience this magical city! Already, I am carving out future plans to return (nothing concretely planned yet, but working towards it). Last year, Mexico City was issued a travel warning by the US State Department, at a Level 2 -which means tourists should “exercise increased caution due to crime." Not once did I feel uncomfortable in my travels (this can also be said for my Guadalajara trip). It should be said though: whenever traveling in an unknown area, please use every day practical cautionary measures: do not flash cash, remain aware of your surroundings at all times, and do not become overly intoxicated. As long as you practice common sense, you will have a wonderful time! Safe travels!

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