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7 Tips to Moisturize and Protect Naturally Curly Hair for Fall

The seasons are changing! Crunchy leaves, roasted veggies, and warm drinks abound for Autumn. As do the drying affects on our hair - due to the natural coil shape of curly hair, our natural curls are more prone to moisture loss and brittle dryness when the temperatures drop. Be one step ahead with these tips and ticks to moisturize and protect naturally curly hair for fall. And; at the bottom I have linked to great products that have become the standard for my everyday fall hair styles. Enjoy!

Moisturize your natural curls 

Protect your natural curly hair from the de-tangling and shampooing process by using a pre-shampoo. A pre-shampoo helps protect your hair strands from losing too much moisture, or “good oils” from the shampooing process, while also providing a protective “slip” while de-tangling. It will add extra moisture as well, which will make your hair softer, and easier to manage.

Natural ingredients 
When adding more moisture to your styling routine, look for products that contain honey or Aloe Vera. Don’t worry - the honey won’t make your hair sticky. Both ingredients are a great way to seal in moisture for your curls, and also help them keep their shape and fight frizz without the use of hair gels, which can be drying. Aloe Vera can also be used as a scalp treatment!

DIY treatments
You don’t need to spend a large amount of money on hair treatments - save yourself some money and make your own hair masks at home! Mash up a banana, avocado, add some honey or mayonnaise and you’ve got yourself a nice fatty and oil rich hair mask that will protect your curly hair, adding moisture and shine while protecting your natural curls. 

Be mild
Doing a cold rinse on your hair at the end of your shower helps close the hair shaft, resulting in shiny curls. But in the fall with dropping temperatures, it can be hard to want to end a nice warm shower on a “cold note” - so in a compromise, try to make sure the last rinse of your hair is with a nice mild temperature. 

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Protect your natural curls 

Oils for natural hair 
Oils can be a saver for sealing in moisture for thirsty curls! Just be sure that you are layering them in at the right step your styling routine, and not use too much. Some oils can be drying - while others can be deeply penetrating to the hair shaft, making them beneficial. Jojoba, avocado, and sunflower and castor oils can all be great for natural curls. It will take some experimentation to figure out what works best for your hair. Be sure to apply after your hair lotion, and before any gels or mousse.


Protective styles
Protective styles don’t have to be boring! Braids, hair buns, “the pineapple”, bantu buns are all fun protective styles that you can wear. How about a milkmaid braid, or locs? And remember: no matter what your hairstyle, it’s professional. Do not let anyone tell you that your locs are not professional: they are. Another thing to remember is to always protect the ends of your hair - as the oldest part of the strand our ends are the most vulnerable to split ends and knots. Be sure to tuck them in, or wrap them to prevent breakage.

Silk and Satin protection 
Satin sleep caps, pillowcases, and even satin lined hats and beanies for day wear will help prevent snagging and breakage of baby hairs, while also prevent tugging of our strands. A more expensive option is silk. Silk is ideal as it is a natural fiber which becomes softer with use and washings. But satin will work well too. 

Be gentle
Remember that what curls need the most is water - it’s the most important “ingredient” for our hair! So drink up to get your daily water intake. Also always gently de-tangle hair while wet (using a pre-shampoo), and then once you’ve got your styling products in, hand off your hair! Constant playing/ touching of the hair can zap it of moisture and natural oils, causing tangles, etc.


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