Thursday, February 26, 2015

#MBFW with Pamella Roland

Pamella Roland with her children, Cole, Cassandra, and Sydney

Fashion week is a little bit like sex - at first it seems like everyone but yourself is getting in on the action, and then suddenly bam! You find yourself knee-deep in the frenzy and before you're fully aware of yourself and what's happening all around you, it's over. Fashion week leaves you sore, sweaty, hungry, and slightly confused. It can also easily give you a complex: "Wait...standing?! Are you kidding me?" Whereas just 96 hours before you were weeping with joy over an invitation to a show, regardless of where you stood - or sat.  It happens to the best of us. 

I had a seat at Pamella Roland with many thanks to my friend Mirembe. I had a corner seat in the Pavilion, which in pure universal humor was the perfect seat..until those with standing tickets showed up. I quickly realized that if I wanted to see anything, I'd have to give up my assigned seat and stand. Ah, humility. Afterwards it was a fine frenzy with access backstage where we literally rubbed shoulders with the designer and her children along with Nigel Barker, and the wispy and perfectly pouty models. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fashion Week in New York: Sneak Peek

I've got so many exciting things lined up that I cannot wait to share with you! Two very exciting interviews, several fashion show shots, and fun, quirky stories about my adventures in New York. There were parties and after parties, events and pre-events...And then there's the most popular hangout for models, photographers, bloggers, and industry leaders alike; and you'll be surprised to learn where/what it is. Click below for a sneak peak of what A•Mused has in store for this week and the next!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Katty Xiomara at Pier 59 Studios

Hi there loves! Wow what a wild and crazy 9 days it has been. I rather naively believed that I would have time to blog during NYFW.. Turns out I was lucky if I had time to eat, let alone sleep. It was a magical, stressful, beautiful ride, and I hit the ground sprinting. At the end of my very first day, I told my friend I had never been to the city before and her jaw dropped. "But you hopped on trains, and in cabs, and you went to Harlem and came from Queens and ran all over Manhattan!" she exclaimed. Yes of course! I downloaded HopStop, and I flew across the country! There was no way being alone in the city was going to deter me. I marched myself to the front of lines and found myself in front rows of fashion shows (by invitation, not negotiation!), made new friends, and became closer to ones previously made. It was wonderful. It was fuxxing cold; with record breaking temps and wind chills in the negative double digits. Did you keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat? I hope so!
By the end I had developed a strange, stabbing stomach pain that I had never experienced before. Was it from the lack of sleep? The stress of always being on the go? Too much coffee? Not enough meals? The cold? That insane Uber ride? I'll never know. I'm home now, and oh how I missed love. The love of someone who knows you, cares for you, and a cat who follows me around like a shadow. 
But let's talk about Katty Xiomara - easily one of my favorite shows of the entire season (with Mara Hoffman as the tie). What a delight it was to see my dream wardrobe walking down the runway!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Off to NYC!

Photo credit: nycthroughthelens
See you on the other side! In the meantime, don't forget to follow me on Instagram and twitter!