Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Visalia, CA

Visalia, California feels like the heartland of the state. Large vast fields of fruit bearing groves, and roadside stands with colorful umbrellas that offer fresh coconut water. The i-5 will take you to Visalia. Semi-trailers heavy with tomatoes leave Hansel & Gretel-like crumbs along the road, leading you deep into the desert land.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A slightly higher breed of animal

"We often develop a belief that when we go through a serious trauma, such as rape, or in your case being hit by a car and 'thrown like a rag doll' as you put it, that our loved ones and those who we love will gather around us and support us, and protect us. It's simply not the case Amber, as you have learned. We are humans. A slightly higher breed of animal. Animals run when they are scared, and return only when they feel safe. When trauma such as yours happens, and if friends DO come around, we tend to think 'oh! We are good friends! We are close friends' and even this is not the case. Many times after my incident people brought food. I thought that it meant that I had a close friend in them. Nothing ever became of it. When we are raw in our hurt and pain, truly raw in our hurt and anger, we are incredibly insensitive...and yet equally as sensitive to all the wrongs that we feel have been dealt to us. It is a film over our eyes to believe that people will be able to be there for us, and care as we need them to. They are simply incapable of it. You need to let this belief go. You need to forgive them for failing you. You need to forgive yourself for expecting it."

Monday, July 7, 2014

A•Mused Perfumes

tocca stella travel size perfume

Do you have a signature scent? I don't. I cannot commit to a single perfume. I have my favorites, of course. Ones that over the years have remained constant. One thing that all my favorites have in common is that they all tie me back to Paris.