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Two Days, and Counting

It's Wednesday, and this is the day of three things:

1, I have discovered that I have a thing for the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" documentaries
2, Tomorrow is my Spanish final, which I should be studying for, and
3, My internship with ______, the fashion public relations firm begins in two days.

My other internship, the one with the Sonoma County Museum, under the Historians and Exhibitions Curator has been underway for about a month now. Yesterday he sent me on what I deemed a "mission" to the library to do some research. My research included searching through microfilms - newspapers on film. If I only had a pair of thick rimmed glasses with me, I could have fulfilled a "curator" fantasy. (!)

I leave for Texas in a little over two weeks, for Fermin's cousins wedding. I decided that I wanted to go "full southern". I planned to wear a cotton/linen light colored dress, open toes heels, and a large, wide brimmed hat. Perfection!


So, for the past week or two I have been on the hunt for "the dress". I found it. And it was stained. So, then I thought I found a second one, but it was cream colored (although it did have red rosebuds, and tiny laced hem, and a double V neck.... and it was snug and adorable), so I had to pass on it. Ironically however, the one that I did settle on, doesn't have cream in it, but white.
The dress is white scooped neck, and a high waisted fully black shirt. But my wide brimmed hat is nowhere to be found.
Am I asking for too much?!

While I am looking forward to my PR internship, I am a little apprehensive. I had started summer school hoping to make friends. Fermin encouraged me that I would, promising that a common interest in class would provide friendship easily. However, what I got was a mixutre of middle aged respect demanding women, cocky men, immature 16-19 year olds, and, three bitches. Two of which I got paired with. To make the 6 weeks short, no friends.

I have semi-met the two other interns at the PR firm, and since I haven't actually spoken to them, I won't judge them. But, I'm hopeing that this internship will provide some friends...perhaps even fashion forward ones!

Also, the whole debate on what to wear my first day.

(Don't eat raw bread dough, it makes your tummy hurt.)
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