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The OMG's of the First day

I've been taking mental notes all day about how I would tell this:


I chose my outfit last night: Semi-sheer tunic (cause, FYI sheer is in), tan camisole, black leggings, red patent flats. Hair down in all it's glory, and dewy makeup. Black purse with gold hardware.

When I arrived to the office this morning, I was expecting to see my boss Molly first - so I made a beeline for her office. However, Jennifer, the "right-hand woman" as Molly calls her, had other ideas. Which, were very cool.
"So" she said, "what I need you to do is look through these magazines, and list any celebrities we may have missed" Um...celebrities? Ok. Thinks I. I'm thinking...local ones. As in, SONOMA magazine - you know, those with their faces on the cover, the ones without the best lighting.

"Here's the list" I look down:

America Ferrera...

Salma Hayek


Carols Santana??



"Oh, " Jessica says smiling "Here's some breakfast for you; we picked you up a latte and some breakfast". Melt. Breakfast for the intern?? Could they be sweeter? (yes, it was Starbucks)

So, I try to get a grip on myself - anyone can put together a list of celebrities, right? But, they've got letters next to their names "A", "B", "C"... and there's no ryhme or reason to their color codes.. So I ask "What do the different colors indicate?"
It's for the ones who showed up to their event they held last month... The one where they gave away diamonds, trips to beautiful islands, private solo plane flights...Celebrity deisgned clothing...

MTV called today - an event, and Avril Lavigne will be there...

I have my own company e-mail!
So, there I am, doing my intern thang - grooving to Michael Jackson and Enya remixes...
But then, the whole office lit up when pictures of Salma Hayek showed up in our printer:

<--- See that?! That's Molly's! That's her shirt that she designed! She mailed it to Salma as a gift!!! I guess she liked it!! Molly's designs have already sold out at stores, and now she's got Salma Hayek wearing them. Today, I also blogged - what interns do best. I blogged on two of their pages. Check it out: http://www.myspace.com/palomitaclothing

So, yup! That was my first day, and I love it!

Oh, and because I promised Halai:

Here is what is in for Fall 2008:

  • Plaid. Red in particular.
  • Hardware. Think Seattle punk, but refined
  • Sheer. Sheer. Sheer.

  • Sky high platforms
  • Florals (HA!! I told you!!!!)

  • Belted waists. Again.
  • Things with sheenl; think satin bed sheets. But wear it.

  • Bows!
  • Black lace!

Ok. Love you!!!

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