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It has been found!

Last night, in a vote of good confidence and health, my boyfriend and I biked to the county fair.

It was so much fun! Seeing all those cars parked, having to pay $8 just to let their fourwheeled friends sit there, I felt smart. Biking for a purpose. Saving money, the enviroment, AND staying healthy. Yes, it felt good.

As I have stated before, I am attending a wedding in TX in about, a week. My idea was to go "full southern", and wear a light linen dress, and a big floppy sun hat. I couldn't fnd the perfect linen dress, so a adjusted and foud a really cute number with a full high-waisted skirt. Then, all a need was a hat! At first I thought that a big floppy black hat would work, but deep down I knew that I could be boiling. This is Texas. In August. SO!

I gave up the idea of a hat - the only other ones I had seen were tan (which of course would not work).

Back to the fair. It was fun! Glisty rides, and turkey legs (ew) that would have made Bam Bam proud, and enough heartattacks for everyone. I saw the worlds largest pig, weighing in at 1,000lbs, the worlds smallest horse, and pet a 1000 lbs + cow. We saw sheeps, pigs, goats and Clidesdale horses, Buddwisers very own (I have wanted one for YEARS!) and shopps galore. I saw knives that could peel a tomato, non-oder worm compost and met a man from Kona. But, upon the very first moments of entering the fair, guess what I saw?

A white floppy hat. A black floppy hat. A black and white floppy hat. Yes! Oh I was exctatic.

My outfit, now complete. Hurray!
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