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Cupcakery at the Birthday House

So the magical day of August 30th, 2008 is soon approaching. Are you excited? I am! My birthday is just a mere 3 days away, and it has been years since I have been this elated. Granted every year brings on a new wave of panic, and fancier eye creams and dermabrasion kits, and now the elimination of black eyeliner (makes me look too old), but I have been mentally planning for this event for some time now.

Last year for my birthday it was sushi and mochi green tea ice cream. This year everything has been left to suprise except for 2 things: rose angel food cupcakes, and the lemon-zest cream frosting that will be topping them. Lavender ice cream may still be in the mix. I made the rose water myself, the rosey fragrance sitting in my fridge will be mixed into the angel food cake mix tomorrow. I'm so excited! I debated back and forth on the flavor of the frosting. I couldn't buy a cake mix or a tub of frosting because all of them contain trans fats! (Except for Angel Food) I thought of Marshmellow frosting, rasberry, blood orange, rose... but lemon won!

As known, girls should wear some form of a fancy headress on their birthdays, and for a while tiaras seemed to do well. However this year I decided that perhaps I wanted something a little more understated and classy. So, in true Amber fashion, I made myself a "birthday headband". I lined the headband in gold, wound in in pink satin ribbon, decorated it with pink shiffon and two bows: one gold, one pink. Oh, and Swoarski cyrstals! I promise it is still "understated"! There are quite a few quirky cupcake websites and bakeries out there. I encourage you to find some, and dive into the wonderful world of cupcakes!
Here are a few site you might enjoy:


Stay stylish!

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