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While as an intern it may be tempting to believe that you are disposable, it is of the utmost importance that you never believe this! Sure sometimes your boss forgets you going to be there at ten (like you have every last Monday for the last month), and yes he is still the only one there who is willing to remember your name. Don't lose heart!
However, having the opportunity at both internships to sit at a desk where every one who enters the building sees me first, I have put together a list- a very helpful one indeed. Seems as though everyone wants a job/internship these days. This in turn leads to many interviews. Which gives me the ripe opportunity to observe these internees. Because of them, I have been able to form a very helpful list as to behavior at an interview: (I speak in "we" form, because I know someone out there agrees with me)
  • Please overdress. We'll like you better.
  • If you're not going to wear a tie, please tuck your shirt in. If you're not going to tuck your shirt in, please iron it.
  • Do something with your hair

  • Always, Always know with whom you are interviewing. And, by all means, do not walk through the door and announce that you don't know. Humor us: pretend.
  • Bring your resume with you. Even if you e-mailed it.

  • Do you have a portfolio? Is it with you? It should be.

  • Only thing we hate more than your Coach branded woven "C" pattern smeared all over your open toe wedges? Flip-flops.
  • Please research the company before you come in.

  • Smile!
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